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  William Shakespeare was born in April 1564. His father had many trades, including a landowner and money maker. Shakespeare is thought to have attended the Stratford Grammer School where he learned his education. Shakespeare married in 1582, and had a daughter in 1583. He then had twins in 1585. Records then indicate that he was a actor and playwriter in 1592, and became one of the best play writers. He became a leading shareholder and principal playwriter which helped him stay afloat during the rough times of the Black Plague. He had such an amazing group of actors that they were able to work in a theatre and they thrived during the tough times. In the Later 1950's, Shakespeare went on to write a series of historic plays. These included Richard II, Henry IV: Part on and Henry IV: Part Two. These plays are about a king who is not fit for the throne and is therefore murdered, Richard II, King Henry the fourth who became King by planning the murder of Richard II, and King Henry's son, Prince Hal, shows he can become King and can be a noble man. While King Henry IV may have planned Richard II's murder, he still was able to manage the throne while his son, Prince Hal, showed his country that he is worthy of taking the throne when it is time.
  King Henry IV: Part one tells us the story of King Henry IV and his son who at first seems to be an unworthy young man, who turns into being a noble man to his country. First, King Henry plans to lead a trip to make amends with God. Also, Prince Hal, King Henrys son is next in line to take over the throne. However, King Henrys trip has to be put on hold because there had been troops slaughtered at England's borders and a battle at Holmedon in which the English defeated the Scottish. Harry Percy, also known as Hotspur, refused to give his prisoners of war to King Henry which upset King Henry. Also, King Henrys son Prince Hal had been drinking, stealing, and spending his time with common criminals so he was not depended upon to help his father. Then, Prince Hal and his "friends" planned a highway robbery. When asked why Prince Hal is acting this way, he says he is just pretending to be bad so that he can stage his change that will surprise everyone. The climax of the story is when Prince Hal saves his fathers life and defeats Hotspur, This shows that Prince Hal is a noble man and that he can one day rule his country and take the throne. Prince Hal shows his maturity when he allows Falstaff to take Hotspur's corpse. In the end King Henry congratulates everyone for doing so well. King Henry and his son will go on to fight in Wales and the story will then continue in part two. One critic says that many critics point out that this play is mainly about Prince Hal and his maturation from a young boy into someone who is fit to be a King. This is mentioned in the literary criticism written by Fred Tromly, "Prince Hal. In this view, the play is about the maturation (or education, or...

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