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Actors Essay

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Case Analysis Report:U.S. BankTable of Content4Abstract 5Introduction 5Liquidity Position Evaluation 7Quality of Assets 7Delinquent Loan Ratios 8Net charge-off 8Nonperforming assets 9Capital Adequacy 11Expected Future Performance 13Conclusion: 14Appendix: 15Reference AbstractThis report is to evaluate the performance of U.S. Bancorp from three aspects: liquidity analysis, asset quality and capital adequacy based on the financial report in past three to four years. Some key financial ratios of the bank will be included and compared with peer group companies in this report. U.S. Bancorp has recovered from economic recession quickly, maintained a good performance compared to the banks in the peer group. We believe that U.S. Bancorp will keep expanding and growing in the future.Introduction:U.S. Bancorp is a bank holding company that ascended to a top 5 position with $354 billion in assets at December 31, 2012 in the commercial banking industry. At year-end 2012, the company operated 3,084 banking offices and 5,065 ATMs in 25 states. It has approximately 66,000 employees and global payments services to more than 17.6 million customers. U.S. Bancorp was named Fortune magazine's 2012 Most Admired Superregional Bank.U.S. Bancorp provides various kinds of financial services, encompassing commercial and wholesale banking, wealth management, payment processing service and treasury/corporate services. A multitude of uncertainties kept many companies from applying for new commercial loans and encouraged others to defer spending and expansion in 2012. Despite those doubts and hesitations, for the full year, U.S. Bank grew average commercial loans and leases by 17.9 percent over the prior year, accelerating growth over the 9.8 percent increase in 2011. This growth was driven by customer organic growth and new customers. So, compared with competitors, U.S. Bancorp performed better during the negative impact of concerns about the so-called fiscal cliff, giving the company a good image and a reputation for conservative operation. Moreover, the company will celebrate its sesquicentennial in 2013.Liquidity Position Evaluation:U.S. Bancorp has a steady growth for several years until 2008. The economic recession led to a sharp decrease in net income and relevant financial ratios in 2009. From then, the bank started to recover slowly. In 2000, the net income returned to the level before the recession. In 2012, US Bank has exceeded all of the past results, and surpassed the performance of peer banks by wide margins on return on average assets (ROA) and return on common equity (ROE). The accumulative ROA and ROE since 2008 are 1.30% and 13.7% respectively, which puts US Bank #1 in peer groups (Appendix 1). Although these two ratios indicate good performance and high profitability of US Bank, it also implies low liquidity.The loan to deposit ratio (LTD ratio) of US Bank at the end of 2012 was 87.85% (US Bancorp, 2012). This ratio tells us that US Bank generates more cash...

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