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This 20 year old actress and singer has talent. She is such a professional, you would confuse her as Maria Carry! Ariana Grande was born Ariana Joan Grande on June 26, 1993. As I researched her I found that as a child she was a ‘’Busy Bee’’. She would sing, Scream, yell, and even run around Naked in her house then scream and laugh. ‘’My mother inspired me’’ is what she said responding to a fan Question on her blog. Ariana claimed that when her mother would turn on music she would listen to the music and get inspired. That’s how she kind of knew she wanted to sing and act. Ariana is very well known for the Funny, Crazy, Red head and a little off character Cat valentine off of victorious. Her natural hair color is really brow but for the role of Cat valentine on Victorious she had to Dye her real hair. I find this fact interesting, yet strange. She is allergic to Shellfish, Bananas, cough medicines (some), and even Cats! She says that Cough medicine makes her a little hyper or more like crazy! Ariana is not really a meat eater but she does eat fish, that’s the only kind of meat that she eats. A couple things that she does love is Strawberries and swimming. She also has a dog named ‘’Coco’’. Ariana Has an album out now called yours truly. The biggest hit on there is ‘’The Way’ ’with Mac Miller. When the video came out the song went up the charts! But in the music video Ariana and Miller seemed too kissed eventually at the end. Honestly Mac Miller and Ariana are just really good friends. Ariana is really good at Impressions, if you have noticed. Check that out because Ariana is good at them. Ariana also has a twitter page for her dog ‘’Coco’’ Me honestly, I think that Ariana is an inspiration to me. How and why do I think that? Because she teaches people to try harder and harder until they are satisfied. Ariana is not the biggest inspiration to me but it’s enough. Ariana Grande has a big personality. She change a lot from when she was a little kid. As you have read...

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1306 words - 6 pages success in the industry because most directors look for trained actors as opposed to raw talent. Being a trained actor lets the director know that the actor or actress won’t need as much guidance and direction because he or she will probably already know what to do in a professional situation. On page 643 of “Werner’s Magazine: A Magazine of Expression, Volume 28” Daniel Frohman, an early filmmaker and producer, says, “ The school-trained actor is

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