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Acupuncture As A Nonconventional Treatment For Chronic Neck Pain

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Chronic Neck Pain
Chronic neck pain is an ailment that is characterized by pain in the neck that lasts for an unusually long period of time, commonly over a period of three months. Although different from the common medical conditions of neck pains that last for only days, chronic neck pain is typically an ailment that takes even years without success in its treatment in the mainstream medical practices. Chronic neck pain is usually associated with a number of disorders, as well as diseases that can involve any of the tissues around the neck (Witt 2004, p. 99). For instance, the common causes of this condition are strains of the neck, injury of the neck like a herniated disc, pinched disc, ...view middle of the document...

99). In addition, it is also advisable to have activities that will enhance neck strengthening exercise, as well as neck bracing.

Types of acupuncture used in the treatment of chronic neck pain

Optimized Acupuncture Therapy
Optimized acupuncture therapy in the treatment of chronic neck pain involves the utilization of traditional acupuncture, which is usually followed by intradermal needle therapy, commonly referred to as INT (Hush 2004, p. 1533). The use of OAT usually consists of the use of nine acupuncture points typically selected for an optimized acupuncture therapy group on the advice and consensus of the national expert committee of the OAT procedures. In this case, four points are subsequently located by physician intending to perform the OAT. The points selected are usually the cervical positive reactions planes found in the top and bottom of the cervical planes as well as horizontally away from the corresponding cervical vertebra (Witt 2004, p. 99). This type of acupuncture practice is highly sensitive and usually need to be performed by an individual with more than five of practice experiences.
Sham acupuncture therapy
Sham acupuncture therapy involves the use of skin penetrating shallow needles on the specified sham groups’ tender points. The tender points that are used in this method of acupuncture therapy are categorized as the key areas recommended for the acupuncture, which are the Ah Shee, also referred to as “oh yes point”. The points are crucial in this therapy and have to be used throughout the treatment procedure. Typically, the location of sham points is commonly defined by 25mm lateral extending to the standard location used for the OAT group. They include: the sham point of Dazhui (GV14) 25mm, which is 25 mm vertically below the usual standard GV14, sham points of (S115) Jianzhongshu and Huatuojiaji, which is 25 mm lateral to standard S115 (Liang et al, 8). After the sham acupuncture, individuals undergoing the process or patients are treated through the use of point pressing (De Loose, 2008, p. 475).

Shallow acupuncture therapy
Shallow acupuncture group undergoes similar procedures as the other OAT groups.
However, the physicians are required to insert the needles in a vertical manner in order to reach the subcutaneous level at a specified depth of not more than 3 mm (Salter et al, 2004). Needle manipulation or any other sensation is prohibited in this particular group. Ultimately, after the shallow acupuncture, the patients are additionally treated by INT through the use of a similar method as in the other OAT groups.

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