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Acupuncture History And Practice Essay

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In Ancient China, around 2100 B.C., acupuncture and moxibustion were the only things a doctor could do for you. These doctors knew nothing about the affect of bacteria and viruses on the human body. They didn’t have X-rays to show them internal diseases. Their tools were stone or bronze needles and herbs, not stethoscopes and mini flashlights. You just sent for a doctor and hoped that he cured the illness. Then, around 475 B.C., the Chinese developed iron, silver, and gold needles. They started to understand things about pulse, blood, body fluids and numerous other things related to the health of the body, but most of all, they started to understand Qi.In acupuncture, Qi (also written as chi) is the energy behind everything. Qi is the invisible flow of energy that is responsible for the functioning of the organs and other parts of the body, and therefore, it is responsible for life itself. It flows in the environment and is seen by acupuncturists and Taoists as a natural force, similar to air and the weather. Qi is not something that can physically be seen, rather, it is felt by intuition. Qi is simply more understood by people whose right brains are highly developed. There are many different types of Qi. Inherited Qi will eventually run out, therefore causing us to die. Other types of Qi supplement inherited Qi, such as acquired Qi which is absorbed through food, water, and air. If your body’s Qi is flowing correctly, then you aren’t sick. If it isn’t flowing right, that’s what the acupuncturist is for.The meridians and channels are the pathways in which Qi flows. There are many meridians and they all serve different purposes. For instance, cardiovascular problems are generally solved by using acupuncture points (also know as acu-points) in one of the meridians located in the left arm. Each acu-point has a different name and number. The main channels are the ones that flow to the 12 organs of acupuncture. Other than these, there are eight other channels, as well as complicated networks of micro-acupuncture systems that are mostly located in the ears, hands, and feet. There are also groups of special pathways that allow Qi to travel to other areas of the body including the joints, tendons, and muscles. To make things more complicated, there are exits, entrances, junctions and areas to descend and rise for Qi. For the sake of staying sane, I don’t recommend delving too deeply into this area of acupuncture.The other important factor in acupuncture is Yin and Yang. If they are out of balance then the disharmony of the body will cause sicknesses. The worst imbalance of Yin and Yang is not a drop in either but rather the separation of both. Yin is female and Yang is male. There are twelve organs in acupuncture: six Yin and six Yang. Every Yin organ has a complement Yang organ. Also, in each Yin organ there is a Yang function, likewise with the Yang...

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