Acupunture And Meformine To Treat Diabetes

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To analyze the difference of blood glucose level in intervention of acupuncture combine with Metformin 500mg tablet and intervention of just Metformin 500mg tablet in Diabetes Mellitus type 2.

A randomised controlled trial with six weeks follow up were done. This research was randomized pre-post test. Total of 85 people patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 come as acupuncture patients in “Rungkut” private clinic Surabaya, Indonesia, from January 2013 to January 2014. After screening 73 subjects who had met the inclusion criteria were invited to participate in the study. 13 subjects dropped out because of discontinued the treatment, the reasons were too busy to participate due to work schedule conflict, family issues, feeling unwell, moved to another town. The total sample were 60 patients divide into 2 group, group control and treatment group, each consists of 30 patients. The control group is given Metformin 500mg tablet 2 times per day for 6 weeks. The treatment group is given Metformin 500mg tablet 2 times daily and acupuncture three times a week for 6 weeks, using Huanqiu steril acupuncture needles, specification 0.25 x 40 mm (1.5 cun). The acupuncture point principle use Zusanli (ST36) Location 1 finger breadth lateral to lower end of tibia tuberosity. Puncture – 1 cun perpendicularly and Taibai (Sp 3) Location - Posterior and inferior to head of 1st metatarsal bone at border of two colon of skin. Both group activities, exercise and diet as usual with no change. The age’s data analyzed using frequencies test; the gender’s data using fisher’s exact test; the education’s data using crosstab test; the duration of diabetes’ data using descriptive test; the corellation age and Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) levels’ data using correlate bivariate test; the corellation education and FPG levels’ using correlate bivariate test; the corellation duration of diabetes and FPG levels’ data using correlate bivariate test; to comparing the magnitude of decrease inFPG levels data using independent T-Test; To comparing the magnitude of decrease in 2 - hours post prandial (2-PP) levels’ data using independent T-Test; To comparing the magnitude of decrease in total cholestrol levels’ data using independent T-Test. According to TCM efficacy standards "Chinese medicine clinical research guidelines," referring to the Department of Health to develop a "Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes (diabetes mellitus) guidelines for clinical research" and 郑筱英 Editor (2002 first edition). Electro acupuncture type KWD 8081 device was set at 5 Hz with continuous wave form. The intensity is sets according to patient preference. The length of treatment is sets for 20 minutes.

60 subjects recruited are 44 female and 16 male. In control group: the age is 49.87 (7.74) years, Duration of diabetes is 2.8 (0.92) years, correlation of age-FPG is 0.892 mg/dl, correlation of...

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