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Watching Out For The Caregiver Of An Alzheimer´S Patient

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Being a caregiver for an individual with Alzheimer’s is often a very daunting task, as Alzheimer’s alters the behavior and levels of ability for the patient. It is often recommended that they are giver take breaks, and keeps in contact with friends and family. Having a plan and a strategy for dealing with challenges is also incredibly helpful. Caregivers themselves are often at risk for depression and illness, thus it is crucial that caregivers have as much support as possible.
Wandering and home safety are two of the most important factors to consider when caring for an individual with Alzheimer’s. Those with the condition have a tendency to wander from their caregivers or their homes. Forms of identification or a medical bracelet are two methods for a person with Alzheimer’s to be found quickly should they wander. In addition, it is crucial to notify the local authorities and neighbors if the individual has a tendency to wander. Third, keeping doors locked by using a keyed deadbolt or an additional lock high above or below the main entry door will reduce wandering. In regards to home safety, be sure to lock doors and windows to prevent injury or wandering. However, it is best to remove the locks from all bathroom doors as individuals with Alzheimer’s may accidentally lock themselves in. Install child-proof locks to any cabinets or spaces where cleaning materials, guns, knives, lighters, or any other hazards are located. Label all medications and keep them far from reach. Ensure that there is good lighting and that one’s house is free of clutter as those two factors will decrease the chance of a fall. Overall, be sure to keep dangerous items inside and outside the home locked away.
Establishing a routine for an individual with Alzheimer’s is the best method to approach...

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