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Ad Essay

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Southern Living magazine covers a variety of topics with advertisements showing health and beauty products, home improvement products, and travel ideas. The ad discussed in this paper falls under the travel genre and promotes a fun and memorable family vacation in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The ad designed for the Smoky Mountain Wilderness Lodge will make all of the members of a family, regardless of their age, want to visit the resort. The photos, words, and layout of the ad will catch the attention of the magazine’s readers and make them want to book their reservations.
The first aspect of the ad that will catch the attention of the reader is the colorful photographs used on the page. The use of pictures in this ad is intended to add to the reader’s desire to learn more about the Smoky Mountain Wilderness Resort. When a person sees photos of a family smiling and enjoying themselves they should want to find out what the people in the picture are doing so that they can do the same thing for their family and friends. The picture of the bored teenagers at the top of the page provides a contrast for the smiles and excitement seen in the rest of the photographs. A contrast between those two types of pictures is used to capture the attention of and make the reader want to discover how they can make the same changes in their life. The photographs used in the ad will be the first thing that will grab the attention of the reader so that they will continue to explore the advertisement.
The second feature is the wording chosen for the ad. The wording for this advertisement was designed to make the reader want to continue exploring. Words like fun and family were chosen to capture the attention of the reader and make them want to book a room for an upcoming vacation. Let the good...

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