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On December 10th 1815, Lord Byron and Anne Isabella Byron welcomed Augusta Ada Byron to their union. Born in London, she eventually started going by the name Ada Lovelace and was the only offspring of Lord Byron’s that was born in wedlock. Ada also had a half-sister, Allegra, who carried their father’s last name but died at the age of five from malaria. Allegra was turned over to her father just a few months after her first birthday and he housed her with nuns at a nunnery. He did not visit her very often and she was passed around the community until her death. Five weeks after Ada’s birth, her father a well-known poet, abandoned his wife and child and moved out of the country to Greece.
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In later years, her husband became the Earl of Lovelace, in which her name also changed, hence Ada Lovelace. Although married, she had many consensual affairs, one in particular that she was forced to admit to her husband.
Diagnosed with uterine cancer, Ada Lovelace died at the age of thirty-six, without her husband near. Her dying wish was that she be buried next to the father that she had longed so long for, Lord Byron.
In her teenage years her interests in mathematics led into a friendship with a British mathematician named Charles Babbage. Prior to meeting Ada, Babbage had been working on designing an Analytical Engine. The Analytical Engine was a general purpose computer. Astonished by her love and knowledge for mathematics, Babbage often called her “The Enchantress of Numbers”. Although none of the designs were actually built, Ada wrote a set of notes which are now known as the first computer program. Ada’s notes were republished over many decades and are some of the first examples of a computers software. Because Babbage never had any computers assembled, Ada could...

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