Comparison Of Limitations Essay

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Comparison of Limitations
Article One
Wright and Panley’s (2010) research weaknesses could be the participants’ age range because the majority of the persons who responded to the survey were 50 years old more or less. Another research weakness could be that the persons who participated in the survey were mostly White people and other races were not well represented in the survey. Wright and Panley (2010) other research weakness could be that many of the local governments only had three individuals who participated in the research and such a small number of participants might not be a good representation of the population to generalize its results outside of the local governments which participated. Wright and Panley (2010) additional research weakness could be that the government hierarchical organization might not be the cause of the acceptance and adoption of transformational leadership because the reverse relationship also could be true.
Article Two
One of the Emery and Baker’s (2007) research shortcomings could be the relatively low education of the banking and food store customer service employees on which this research was based that range from half-year of college to two years of college more or less. Maybe, customer service employees with higher educational levels in other industries would have preferred the
leadership based on rewards above the transformational leadership. Also, as Emery & Barker (2007) suggested another weakness could result in a bad outcome if employees do not respond as expected to the leader for his or her intellectual stimulation which could be the grounds for the transformational leadership lack of success. Besides, other weakness could be that routine jobs fail to provide the expected stimulation for the employees so the transformational leadership could not be as effective as expected (Emery & Barker, 2007). In addition, Emery & Barker (2007) noted that the banking sample had an even number of males and females managers and this should show if there were leadership preferences because of gender which in other environment could have had different results. As for now, transformational leadership gave very good results in this study for employees’ and customer’s satisfaction indicating that the practice of this leadership could be expanded. Furthermore, Emery & Barker (2007) stated that charisma is the most influential trait for middle managers and employee’s motivation to perform and leaders who do not exhibit this trait could affect negatively the result of the research outcome. Moreover, Emery & Barker (2007) observed that since questionnaires have been the method used on this research maybe it had some limitation that could be avoided or decreased if personality inventories where to be used or added in a new research as the basis for measurement research’s outcomes.
Article Three
El-Gazzar, et al. (2008) noted that one of these research limitations could be that the findings of this study indicated that the...

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