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Adam And Eve In Paradise Lost

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Milton was looked on by many feminists, “of or relating to or advocating equal rights for women,”(comma before quotation mark)[1] as rather chauvinistic in the way he portrayed Eve. In, (delete,) Paradise Lost, there are many examples of Eve being slighted (comma and substitute well with while) well Adam remains unscathed.

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When Eve first enters the world, (comma maybe) she awakes, “Under a shade on flow’rs…,”[2] by a lake. In putting Eve under shade, (comma maybe) Milton shows that she is not one hundred percent in accordance with God. Eve wondered where and who she was and then she proceeded to look at her image in the water. (Revised sentence) “There I had fixt mine eyes till now, and pin’d with vain desire, had not a voice thus warn’d me…,”[3] is Eve’s (‘ might be needed) words to Adam. This action shows how Eve is so vain that she would sit for eternity unknowingly mesmerized by her own image. All it takes though to move Eve from the lakes edge is the voice of God who she trusts without question. Milton makes (made because past tense) Eve out to be dim because if most people were to hear a voice they would inquire (on) who(m) it was. However, in this case, (, might be needed) Eve just trusts (trusted if you want to make it past tense) the voice right away (immediately, for a better word) foreshadowing her trust in anyone who speaks. This shows how Milton is chauvinistic also (Do you need “also”) because he is inferring that woman (women because it is plural) over men (not clear. Maybe substitute for “inferring that women, instead of men,) need Gods help to escape desires pertaining to images. When Eve first comes in contact with Adam we see another example of her...

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