Adaptation And Depression Essay

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Adaptation and Depression

Any time that a group enters a foreign habitat it must adapt to be able to thrive in its new environment. When a bird flies to a new home it must learn what it can and cannot eat in that area. The bird must learn what predators it has to avoid and what the climate is in its new environment. When a person moves from one neighborhood to another they have to adjust to the new people. The children must learn the slang that is spoken at the local school. The parents must learn what type of traffic laws are enforced. They must learn what restaurants are good and which are to be avoided. It is so difficult to move from one neighborhood to another, and it is so much harder to transplant oneself from one culture to an entirely new one where everything is new. Dominicans who come to America must cope with learning a new language and a new lifestyle. They are moving from the country in which they were so comfortable to a new one where they are unwelcome and often unhappy. Dominicans in the United States are facing problems, which ultimately lead them to be depressed people. This depression cycles in with their other problems to eventually give them a low quality of living, in a nation which has one of the highest qualities of living of any place in the world.
For a new Dominican immigrant the united states must seem like a scary place, where there are seemingly insurmountable obstacles that need to be quickly dealt with. The first thing that must strike a Dominican who comes to the United States is that they do not speak the language. This problem seems like an obvious one, but it is so simple to take for granted that the people who hear you will understand the words, which are spoken. To come to a new country and try to communicate, and have people stare at you with blank faces, and often looks of scorn, can be devastating. Over time Non English speaking immigrants may become intimidated to speak, in both their native Spanish, and what little broken English they do posses. The distaste and haughtiness, which may have answered their ill-phrased queries, may be more torment then the answer would be able to compensate for. Another problem, a less well-known and acknowledged one, is the racial prejudice, which is present in the United States. Many Dominicans "learn" that they are black only when they set foot in America. Before they were in the United States they didn't have the designation of being black, or the attached stigma which the designation bears. With the racism that is faced by black people in America, and the inability to speak English fluently it is hard for Dominicans to achieve an adequate level of success. Because of the disadvantages, which are faced upon initially setting foot in the United States, many Dominicans will have an extremely difficult time succeeding.
The new disadvantages and the new culture tend to make Dominicans, who have just entered the United States, cluster together. The Dominicans...

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