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Adapting Game Of Thrones To A Boardgame

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What makes a successful adaptation from one media to another? In this case the subject will be the Game of Thrones. We will take in the basic elements of the story and see how these apply for the new medium. These five elements are character, plot, theme, settings and conflict. The medium I have chosen is to convert it to a game specifically I will look at Game of Thrones the Boardgame (now refered to as GOT) as played with three players and the card game based on the HBO series (HBO). With both these properties we will look and see if and how the five elements are used and playability of the game.
In GOT you take on the role as leader of one of three houses Baratheon, Stark and Lannister. You start with the territories associated with those houses and six character cards these cards are used with in conflict with other houses. Each character card provides certain bonuses in conflict; some of these bonuses are more martial other bonuses are more to do with intrigue. Each character can only be used once until all are used. The only problem with this system is that certain important characters get left out, as they are not aligned to houses. In HBO most of the characters you know from this TV show are there. Each card has its own flavor text, and unique ability that corresponds with the character on the show. In this case both games recognize the importance of the characters to the story so we will call it a draw.
With plot you want your basic elements. The randomness of a card game does not allow for any kind of defined plot, HBO obviously falters here. While in GOT there is a definite beginning, middle and end, as the game only lasts for ten turns. You begin your own territory and expand from there; this corresponds with your introduction and rising action. The board is designed so that all three players come in contact roughly at the same time, more rising action and conflict. This creates a classic Mexican standoff situation with each player waiting for a mistake to be made; here is your climax. Then the other two players almost race to pick up the Territory of the player made the error; finally your resolution. Given that most elements of your standard plotline exist in GOT the nod goes to them.
In the case of setting, both games do a good job. The flavor text, which feature quotes from the characters, and images on the cards in HBO help establish the game as being set in Westeros. The board in GOT is a map of Westeros and actually uses important geographical features as game elements and example of this would be the crossing at Twins or the difficulty that the player has went invading the Airie. I would have to give the edge to GOT because they implement the setting directly into the gameplay.
When dealing conflict HBO focuses on the battle between two houses the Lanisters and the Starks. It does a very good job with this focus there are good manipulations between the two houses but overall it feels shallow. With GOT there is...

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