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Adapting Isn't So Bad Essay

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Using simple phraseology, shorter sentences, and common sense are all options for preparing a document for a specific audience. Catering to the group of people is relevant so that they are lured in and can comprehend the lesson. After composing a technical or specialized writing, it is important that the author has an established writing style that he or she can edit for different types of essays and audiences.
Depending on the audience, the type of vocabulary used in a document can play a big factor in how well the lesson is understood. I have my own style of writing that I have become quite accustomed to, but I understand while writing for a general audience I may have to relax when using challenging vocabulary. In high school I had to write an essay about my job as a Veterinary Technician. I realized many people would not understand the terms I would use pertaining to my occupation. So in order to capture my audience, I used simpler words, this way they would feel somewhat included or interested. Instead of saying “Euthanizing” I would use the phrase “putting the animal to sleep”. That is just one of the many changes I had to make in my document. When speaking to a general group, it is wise to use terms that may be easier for them to understand, that way you may have a good end result, which is leaving with a happy and understanding audience.
A simple sentence equals a satisfied audience. In the Army we have many different classes that are taught annually, sometimes even quarterly. Most of these are what we call “Death by PowerPoint”, 30 slides full of long or boring sentences and paragraphs. Most instructors find that if they keep their sentences short, sweet, and to the point they will have an audience that leaves having learned something important. These classes are mandatory for all of us, so we don’t have a choice but to...

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