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College is a black hole, it ingests hundreds of thousands of dollars, hours of life, and dreams, then spits out a small scared and inexperienced human. It does this by having ridiculously high costs, wasting time and money, and by way of the large investment, killing the dreams of countless youth.
This Human will walk into college debt free, and then step out on average with “$25,250” (Student Debt) worth of debt. To put college debt into perspective he could buy a 2013 Chevrolet Spark for a mere “$13,785” (2012 Chevrolet). So he will have the debt of someone who bought two new cars even before he has a professional career. Although for the more impoverished or people perusing a masters or doctorate in the United States this number would be significantly higher due to the costs of college being upwards of $20,000 a year.
He will also labor for countless hours over courses that have no application in his chosen major, like Math requirements for an English major, or a literature class for an engineer. Or less obvious classes like algebra which “Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce forecasts that in the decade ahead a mere 5 percent of entry-level workers will need to be proficient in algebra or above.” (Hacker, Andrew). these pointless classes are an expensive tradition forced upon students for no real reason beside to give them a “well rounded” education. This might have been the point of college in the 1950s but is now just another roadblock to a well-paying career which is the number one reason why students go to college no citation needed.
Some people will remind him that if his dream major is not a fiscally responsible thing to study like Philosophy, Literature, or Education he will fall into a pit of indebted poverty. Colleges now are producing modern workers not thinkers. So instead of finding a career and major to suit his passions, it becomes a mad rush for economic security in majors almost completely opposite to those passions like computer science, engineering or business. This theme is also the reason for the recent increase of business majors “from about 8 percent before the Second World War to 22 percent now” (Williams, Jeffrey). Most of these people are doing this because a business degree promises a good return on investment. Although even with such a degree only “about 48 percent of the class of 2010 work jobs that require less than a bachelor’s degree.”( McGuinness, William) calling into question if the investment is really worth the risk.
The traditional sense of college has been destroyed in favor of the new view of colleges as corporate training programs, and like other industries colleges need to adapt to Americas...

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