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Adaption To Change Essay

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'Waste not, want not' is an expression that has become increasingly relevant in recent years, as economic influences and factors have forced many to tighten budgets and make the most of what we have, rather than constantly replacing the old with new. This attitude of saving extends to architecture in the form of adaptive reuse of building’s and their interior. Today, the strategy of converting an old building into something better suited to contemporary requirements is a way of creating a contemporary interior space, which pays respect to the history and heritage of the building. Adaptive reuse, by definition, pushes buildings away from their historic function and often away ...view middle of the document...

Controlling the human connection and interior environment within the interior highly affects the occupants of the space and overall comfort they feel. For instance the example of Paul Blindell and Penny Sykes TMESIS: insertions and subversions of interstitial territories (Merrell Publishers Limited, London 2009) reading talks about the adaption to change in an interior and how this strategy can change the inhabitant’s behaviour and emotions.
‘The interior volume here, a gallery space with the primary function of viewing artwork, is transformed by the TMESIS insertion. Perceptions are changed and the ceiling as floor, mass as light’ experiences are viewed and inhabitants perceptions are reconfigured’.

‘The movement of the 20:50 installation into different locations enables the work to adapt itself to whatever space and location it is given and to adapt that space to its own needs’.
From that observation of 20:50 installation by artist Richard Wilson in matts Gallery in London within the TMESIS text, shaped my investigation in how buildings can be adaptive and reused to alter one’s own response when within the interior. The installation by Wilson was able to alter inhabitant’s preconceptions of the space and enable feelings of vertigo and fear while inside the interior by providing an invisible space to the eye. Upon reflection of this example further investigation into interior space can be asked such as: What if an interior space is completely uncontrolled and designed completely differently from the actual purpose, how will this make the occupant feel in the space? How can space manipulate the user? Can the interior provoke ones feelings and provide an ever changing atmospheric conditions?
‘I've always been concerned with the ways you can change architectural space - whether it be a room or a whole building - to alter your perception, to knock your view of the world off-kilter’.
Responding to the strategy of reuse of space and reconfiguring one’s perceptions of a space, another example I feel demonstrates this is the San Francisco car park project which was also mentioned in the TMESIS text. The project acknowledges that the car park can de adaptable for a contemporary use during the hours of noon and 2pm. The initial occupation for the car park was to house cars, but within these hours it turns into a new outdoor environment filled with benches, shade and trees. This contemporary intervention with this outdoor space changes the behaviour of users and enables new activities and feelings when inhabiting the space. The adaptive reuse strategy finds new inspiration, purpose and life to transform dull areas in our community such as streets, parks and in this case a car park into a vibrant and energetic community space.
‘One of the more critical issues facing outdoor urban human habitat is the dearth of space for humans to rest, relax, or just do nothing. For example, more than 70% of San Francisco’s downtown outdoor space is dedicated to...

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