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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” said Winston Churchill. Our world is evolving and as it is changing, technology is slowly becoming more innovative, more smarter and has helped move our world into a new mindset. We are improving each day and becoming more perfect each day. Yet, one important component of our lives is lacking. The dreaded traffic lights. Traffic lights cause a devastating amount of hours wasted each year just for waiting for a red signal. However, there is a solution Adaptive Signal Control. Adaptive signal control is viewed as the next generation of traffic lights that should take place on every intersection in the world. It adjusts the timing of red, yellow, and green traffic lights so that the traffic may flow with ease. The outcome is less traffic jams and reduction of traffic in the day time. Adaptive signal control should become the new traffic lights.
This new traffic light, Adaptive Signal Control, does many things. It reduces pollution for waiting a long time. Every time you stop for a red light you most likely leave your engine on. This emits carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into the air. Therefore, demolishing the oxygen in the air and slowly being a key component in global warming. Aside from helping the environment the cost is another very important integral to why choosing Adaptive Signal Control is the better buy. Every person each year wastes seven hundred fifty dollars on gasoline for waiting at a red light. In addition, eighty seven and two billion dollars each year is wasted. Imagine shredding up dozens of dollar bills each year and throwing them out. This is exactly what we are doing in a long period of time. If we add Adaptive signal control on every intersection scientists believe this amount of money may be cut twenty percent. So seven hundred fifty dollars will eventually become five hundred dollars. This every person will save about one hundred fifty dollars just from installing ASC lights. Instead, of telling why these systems alone help the world it also help the world right now. Fifty percent of the traffic lights on most intersections are outdated and out of sync. Finally, ASC...

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