Adarsh Housing Society In India Is A Scam

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Introduction:- Adarsh Housing Society is located in Mumbai, India. The main purpose of the Construction of the building is in favour of soldiers and their own family who are scarified their life for the nation in kargil war for their bravery as a reward. And rest of the houses for the welfare of serving and retired persons in the defence sector. This request made in the 2002 February to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to allot land in the center of Mumbai for construction. The plan is made for built 6 storey building.
Unethical Conduct in this case:- After getting sanction from the government it took around ten years to get process but the house owner are not the soldiers instead of them all top politicians, bureaucrats and military officers bend many rules and disobey all rules and commission in order to have the building constructed and get the houses very lowered prices and registered under different person name like "Benami" of the property who are relatives of the politicians. In the year 2010 one of the biggest scam in India.
Issue raised:- This issue was raised and reported in 2003 but didn't consider or grab the attention of people. Later in 2010 media raised the issue through various TV channels and newspapers brought a clear idea what is going on this housing project. For constructing this 31 storey building government made many changes.
Violations:-In the construction at various parts of Adarsh society it is located in colaba, south part of Mumbai city in India. This housing society was originally build for the family members of dead heroes who lost their life in Kargil war. The permission was only for the six storeys Building but the societies build it completely into 31 storeys and allocated it to government officials like defence officers, former health ministers and few politicians of Maharashtra state and their relatives. The market price of each flat in that area was around sixty Million but it was given only for 6 million to this officials. However, they never got anything from the government. The Adarsh Housing society broke all the rules of the Municipality, Development plan modification. No objection certificate from the Army, Costal Regulation zone because it is sensitive zone. Those rules are easily bent by all politician because they have all powers to change rules. Every politician, judiciary and bureaucrats officers are involved and look for their own personal benefits like cash, gifts, property. The consequences or outcomes of their misconduct will leads to the week development of the country and increase administration breaches and corruption world. After big protest or against on the government from public through media and newspapers which leads to resignation of the Chief Minister Ashok chavan. Central Burro of Investigation (CBI) involved to search who are involved in this scam. There was a petition filed in Bombay high court seeking to monitor CBI...

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