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Did you know that college students who were nonmedical users of Adderall are almost 3 times as likely as those who had not used Adderall nonmedical to have used marijuana in the past year, 8 times more likely to have used cocaine and been non users of prescription tranquilizers? Are we trying to promote drug use in are youth by making it so easy to attain Adderall for people who do not really require it.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder otherwise known as ADHD is a common condition that affects kids and can continue into adulthood. Some of the effects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are problems paying attention, unable to follow directions, and easily bored or ...view middle of the document...

(Moore, 2014)
Students are always trying to cram in at the last minute in school trying to get homework done and the last minute, studying for a big test and even to write papers. The abuse of Adderall increases during these times greatly because Adderall will allow the student to stay awake for hours and hours at a time depending on the mg that the student took. But taking this drug allows these students to stay up and stay focused on whatever work they need to get done for school the next morning. It gives the students that use this drug the ability to pull all-nighters to study and cram for test at the last minute while still being focused. (Moore, 2014)
The abuse of Adderall is becoming so because this drug is so easily ready and available. Adderall has become so easy to get from friends or from your neighborhood doctor because of the great increase in the diagnoses of ADHD. A recent study shows a 66% increase in diagnoses. The people who are diagnosed with this problem usually do not want to take their medication but instead of just throwing there pills away, they figure why just throw them away when they can sell them on the side and make some extra money. Selling them to their friends that need them to help them try and get more studying done. (Moore, 2014)
The use of Adderall in college is not only for students to use as a study aid or a study buddy to help them stay awake longer and stay more concentrated. But it is shown that students are also abusing Adderall using it as a weight loss pill, because Adderall is known to decrease the user’s appetite. Students in colleges are also abusing this medication using it as a way to get high during parties. In a recent study it is shown that the abuse of Adderall can lead to the use and abuse of other substances and the abuse of these substances are more likely to occur in first time users that have no medical use for Adderall. (dunne, 2012)
The users of this drug that are not using it for its medical purposes are not aware of the kinds of side effects that come with taking this prescription drug. Such as “dangerously high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing, seizures and tremors, and mood disorders. At consistently high...

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