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Addicted To Television Essay

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The introduction of television is considered one of the highest achievements in human history. It was one of the fast growing commercial products that spread throughout the economy. The basic principle of television is to extend an image and its associated sound beyond its natural limits. From the introduction of television, the number of family that attain a television has been increasing and so has the entertainment business been booming. During the 19th century television took over the purpose of a radio as the main means of receiving visual entertainment and critical information like the weather and global news. It revolutionized family time and was a privilege to possess, making it a level of status for a family. However, researchers believe that this surge of visual entertainment that television has introduced into the society has created a defect in our evolution and it has been diminishing the cultural, social and family values in our society.
Yesterdays fashion dressing is today normal attire. When we compare the 19th century to the current century we can understand the toll it has taken on the cultural value of society. During the 19th century families were more conserve with their culture and environment like dressing, house and job. The dressing styles in those days were subtle and less flamboyant. They had an interpretation to dress and behave as society appreciates them too and as an understanding to that principle the world of fashion dressing went slow and steady. The way most families got introduced to different attires were from the sale sheet going out at their neighborhood superstore or at the most going to watch a movie at the theater. Looking at the 20th century, it shows the exponential rate in which the fashion business has grown. This can be mainly blamed on television because, since the introduction of programs and commercials on television, spectators are starting to to idealized the casts and eventually imitate their attire. Businesses took advantage of this market theme and created a wave of commercial fashion sense on television. Therefore, there was an exponential change in the attire ritual in society, which surely made society lose track of their culture.
Research has proven that excessive television has defective effects in the social interaction of growing children. According to Marie “Studies show the importance of eye-to-eye contact, for instance, may play a significant role one’s success or failure in human relationships” (Winn...

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