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There Should Build Special Drug Rehab Facilities For Teenagers

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In the state of Ohio there are many places that offer support for teens with a substance

abuse or addiction problem, but very few of those places provide the proper medical help they

need as well. The facilities should provide both the support that they need medically, physically

and emotionally.

Most of the places in the state of Ohio that offer this kind of support for teens usually do

it though outpatient, which is where you go and check in a few times a week for routine

checkups and to discuss how they have been doing. For most teens dealing with an addiction this

usually isn’t enough to help guide them back towards the right track. Most teens that deal with

addiction issues also struggle with either depression, anxiety or other things along those lines.

They feel as if they have nothing to lose by experimenting with these things and that’s when the

addiction kicks in and takes over. The mental state that that then puts them in takes more than

throwing some medications in their face and telling them to make the right choices to break free

When using the word “addiction”, it could mean a variety of things. Whether their

addiction of choice is self-harm, an eating disorder or an even larger variety of drugs or alcohol.

And depending on which they are infatuated with there can me many different ways to approach

and treat the addiction. The problem is that there aren’t a whole lot of places in Ohio that offer

those things that are needed specifically to people under the age of eighteen, and even the ones

that do, aren’t exactly the best of facilities. They provide these things but not to the extent that

they should. This could be because people just do not realize that there are teens out there that

struggle with the same issues as adults do.

Heroin is one drug in particular that has taken to the streets of Ohio rapidly over the past

few years and children as young as thirteen have been known to use the drug (Join Together

Staff 1). One reason that it has become so popular is because it is much less expensive and much

easier to come across than other prescription opioids. According to the Ohio Department Of

Health, heroin-involved deaths have increased from sixteen percent of all drug overdoses in 2008

to twenty percent in 2009 and then increasing again to twenty two percent in 2010 (Join

Together Staff 3). In Columbus the most common age range for addicts of heroin is anywhere

from fourteen to twenty nine. A prescription drug called Suboxone is used to treat patients going

through heavy withdraw symptoms from the opiates when trying to get off of them but it has

become commonly used among addicts as a “bridge drug” to avoid going through withdraw

when the availability of heroin is low (Alan Johnson of The Columbus Dispatch 6-12). What

makes heroin so addictive is the way that it goes straight to the brain once it is in the

bloodstream and begins taking over the areas responsible for...

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