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Drugs are becoming a major problem in America. More adults are abusing illegal substances and it is also being made more popular amongst the teens by constant exposure to them through rappers, movies, social media, and other forms of popular entertainment/media. More and more teenagers are starting to experiment with illegal substances whether it be a trend or peer pressure it is done and if the teen isn’t strong enough to refuse the offer it can and almost always will affect those they are living with. People who use drugs at younger ages tend to become addicted because their brain develops desire for the sensation. Also nearly if not every drug that is abused by an adult is used by a teenage children and a lot of times it is abused. Many educational opportunities have been stripped or career paths taken away from teens who abused drugs do to their history. The number of arrests has gone down since 2006 but with a huge 170,600 arrests in juvenile’s citizens in 2010 it still is nothing to boast about. Drug abuse is a 100% preventable problem help and they have many negative effects such as increasing their level of violence, decrease their ability to pay attention, and can cause severe mental illnesses. Talking to a child about the effects that drugs can have on their mental, physical, social health can help them even if in the slightest avoid using illegal substances.
Alcohol is the most commonly substance used illegally by teenagers. The use of alcohol amongst teenagers far outweighs the use of tobacco or other illegal drugs, with a staggering 70% of teens having drank alcoholic beverages before age 18. 80% of teens who admit to drinking admit to doing it with two or more people. By age fifteen 50% of them have had some form of alcoholic beverage. Teens also drink less often than...

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836 words - 3 pages effects. Psychological dependency occurs when a drug has also been used habitually but the mind becomes emotionally reliant on its effects (E. Morton Jellinek, 2006). Drug and alcohol addiction is the most frequent addiction that has been brought to society's attention. Alcoholism affects 30% of Canada's population with the breakdown of 23% being low-risk drinkers & 17% being considered high risk drinkers, according to Statistics Canada (2002