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How Drug Addiction Affects Health And Behavior

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It has been said that human beings live in a drug oriented and chemically addicted society. In other words, drugs as well as many other addictive substances have being been taking part on the devastation of many families and individuals who in society have been effected by it. In this paper I will discuss the term addiction as well as all the other terms that correlate with it. For example, I will speak on different substances that the victims are using, as well as two types of drug dependency that consumer’s experience. In addition I will discuss how addiction affects the human health as well as the behavior that comes with an addicted personality along with theories that might explain an addictive personality. Last but not least speak on withdrawal, tolerance and recovery.
How can we define such word like addiction; according to the text we’ve used in class; “Health Psychology” written by Sarafino, addiction is a condition formed by frequent consumption of a natural or artificial psychoactive substance, which the person has become physically and psychologically dependent on. To elaborate on each term, when a person is physically dependent, the body is accustomed to the substance and combined into the standard performance of the body’s muscles. The textbook also indicates that this term also comes with two types of characteristics, which are tolerance and withdrawal. Tolerance is the dosage of the drug that the human body can to tolerate; withdrawal refers to physical and psychological symptoms the consumer experience when he/she stops using the drug they became dependent on. Keep in mind that symptoms may vary on the particular substance used. Symptoms can also include anxiety, irritability, and instance craving for the drug, hallucinations, nausea, headache, plus tremors. In the other hand when a person is psychological dependent on a drug; the individual feels obliged to use a substance for the effect it produces, without necessarily being physically dependent on it.
Drugs are not the only substances that give people an addictive personality. In accordance to the book titled “Substance Abuse” written by Fred Beauvais; addictions can contain, but are not restricted to, drug abuse, exercise addiction, food addiction, computer addiction, smoking addiction, gambling last but not least alcohol addiction. Definitive symbols of addiction include diminished control over substances or behavior, obsession with substance or behavior, constant use despite consequences, and denial of addiction. Habits and patterns linked with addiction are typically characterized by instant satisfaction, attached with deferred toxic effects. In others words the characteristics of addition has no restrictions in terms of what a person can be addicted too. Also things that some one can expose him/her self too may vary with the type of person or depending of the case.
A question that is consistently being asked on addition is if there is an addictive personality? Possibly...

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