Addiction And Special Populations With Apa Sources

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As a Social Science major, I have learned there are three major theoretical approaches to evaluating society. There is structural functionalism (Durkeheim) , conflict (Marx) , and symbolic interaction (Cooley and Meade). The "glasses" I chose to see the world through is functional. Generally speaking, I see though glasses that show the function of all things social. After taking this course I realize that there is a functional aspect to using drugs and/or alcohol but that there is such a great deal of inequality in who becomes and addict and what type of resources are there to help them with their addiction.I come from a working-class, white, California family. I spent twenty-three years in Northern California going to school, working, and being socialized. My worldview is based upon biblical and functional principles. I see the world as structurally sound. This does not make it good or ideal but I see with glasses that take away emotion from situations and evaluate them as they serve some purpose.I did not finish high school and started college in my teen years. I was not exposed to the wide world of drugs, alcohol or addiction. Not that I never heard of these things but I did not get to experience them first-hand via a relative or close friend. When I learned I had a worldview, my world didn't change, but my understanding of myself, other human beings, society, and where I am in history and what that means changed enormously. I learned something very useful and important about the way I perceive things and gain knowledge; I learned about things I didn't know I knew. Understanding what a worldview is, however, can bring vital clarity, not only to what I believe, but how I believe what I believe. Understanding confirms what people believe, their perspectives on life and human experience. When I understand how a worldview functions in the process of people making sense of their worlds and making choices for living their lives, I realize how people can come up with their opinions.According to Lawson, 1989, in Chapter One there are three primary causes for addiction; physiological, sociological, and/or psychological. Whether a person is genetically or bio-chemically predisposed to addiction or alcoholism is a controversy that has been debated for years within the scientific community. I have seen and experienced the cycle of addiction. I have learned that anything can be addictive and destructive. Knowing how and why addictions are formed gives me personal understanding. This knowledge has allowed me to be more sensitive when listening to classmates, family, and television stories about peoples struggles.Women have issues unique to their sex. Gender socialization is primarily responsible for this. Of particular interest are issues related to relationships, parenting, step-parenting, health concerns, depression, attention deficit disorder, financial concerns, domestic violence and divorce. I have an extreme concern for the changing dynamics of family...

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