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Addiction Is What? Essay

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People struggle with many things in their daily lives. One of those significant struggles is addiction. In my opinion, people assume that addiction is mainly doing drugs and drinking alcohol. However, there are several other unfamiliar addictions such as sex and gambling addicts. In reality, every person deals with addiction in one form or another, but may not realize their addiction. Other addictions are drinking coffee, food, and cleaning. Addictions can range from something insignificant and innocent, to something that could have a negative impact on an individual’s life. Every person’s reason for addiction varies. Reasoning can be described as denial, loss of control, genetics, ...view middle of the document...

Health, finances, life patterns, and relationships are the critical life events that are affected by addiction. Denial also prevents those with addictions from accepting concrete evidence and accepting responsibility for their actions. The harm addiction causes is difficult to identify. This is especially true when addiction is the coping mechanism. An addict will consistently revert to harmful behavior because of their inability to physiologically cope with elevated stress levels or persistent problems (Hartney, Elizabeth).
People have no choice or control of addictions. Addictions can be passed from generation to generation by genetics. Numerous studies have supported genetics affect addiction. Statistics have shown that addiction is caused by 50 percent genetic predisposition and 50 percent to poor coping skills (Vranken, Michele). To compound that genetics highly influence the future addictive behavior or coping skills, children of addicts are eight percent more likely to develop an addiction. Therefore, if either parent was addicted to alcohol or drugs the child has a high probability to sub come to the addiction of those substances or other addictive behavior to cope. For those people that are not genetically predisposition the reason for addictions is poor coping skills. Poor coping skills can lead to the repetitive alcohol and drug use. The reason those poor coping skills are addictive is repetitive use eventually leads to the brain being rewired. Therefore, when stressors are introduced the person can only cope by using their addiction of choice (Melemis, Steven).
Having an addiction doesn’t only mean a person uses drugs and consistently drinks. Addiction is the need of something, which can also mean someone. Some addictions can be wanting someone, needing to see them, be around them or the constant thought...

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