Addiction To Cocaine In The Ascent By Ron Rash

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In “The Ascent” Ron Rash introduces us to a child who is brought up by cocaine addicts name Jared. Jared ventures out into the Great Smokey Mountains National Park to escape his sad home life and on his little adventure Jared finds the lost plane authorities had been looking for, for months. Upon leaving Jared takes the ring from the woman on the plan and returns home where he finds that his parents have already run out of drugs. His father takes the ring Jared had found and then sales the ring for money. His surroundings along with foreshadowing suggests Jared will have to make a life changing decision, but his youth suggests he is too naïve to come to such a realization.
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’ He said” (285). Giving up possessions can be interpreted as a sign of suicide because he will no longer need them when he is dead. Jared goes back to the plane and takes the watch from the man’s wrist suggesting he will continue to venture out to the plane to escape his home. He brings the watch to his parents as a last act of kindness before returning to the plane for good when he, “lifts the watch from his pocket. ‘Here,’ he said and gave it to his father” (287). Jared understands that he will not happen upon more lost planes and find more treasures to bring back to his parents. He knows they are not in the position to provide for him, and he cannot take care of them forever, so he returns to the plane where he dies.
The use of a naïve character makes Jared’s realization seem very unlikely. Naïve children cannot be trusted to give an objective truth. On his first day of Christmas break, Jared goes to the park and makes up a story to escape from the house where, “everything, the rickety chains and sagging couch, the gaps where the TV and microwave had been, felt sad,” (281). He makes it obvious that he is not partial to his home or parents. Jared imagines he’s a hero on an adventure through the Great Smokey Mountains...

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