Adding Value To Frozen Food From Thailand

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Theoretical aspect
Why value added is important for any company. Similarly, value added is also important for frozen food industry. This paperwork would be investigating about how to add value in marketing area of frozen food. The reasons are, to understand the market environment of frozen food market, the strategy which the company used to entry to the new markets in UK, cost effectiveness which how to keep the level of costs in investment and help the company not behind its competitors in this field, how to retain the company’s customers and how to make the brand awareness to its’ customers. These things are important depending on the business to expand into the international market.
Frozen food means the food which had preserved by freezing process. Freezing process is how to keep the food safe which used generally by allowing the water in food turn into ice. That can be effective in suppressing the growth of bacteria and makes various chemical reaction slow down (Wikipedia:
Food industry is a low cost industrial which using the high raw material in domestic area and can bring an abundance of resources in country to develop for advantage in country’s industrial. This makes it easy to develop for investment. In addition, the food industry also causing the bridge to other production activities which are industrial support such as production of canned and plastic products which will lead to employment and increase the national income.
In addition, this paper of work would be investigating on the number of competitors in frozen food market. Although there are 201 frozen food companies in Thailand ( but, it has 1 company which has potential enough to exporting frozen food products to UK is CP Company. However, this does not mean that CP Company will take an advantage from the less number of its competitors from the same country. In contrast, the firm will meet the challenges of the domestic companies and other companies from another nation that doing frozen food business in UK market. For instance, there are 209 frozen food companies in UK which mean the firm still has the big number of competitors in this market.(
Moreover, from this topic it would be an interesting to investigate about the main factors which are affected to doing frozen food business. It appears that Porter’s 5 forces analysis is a good theory to use in marketing analysis.

Figure1. Porter’s Five Forces Model
Firstly, the threat of new entrants. Frozen food market is a market that has been featured by many new entrepreneurs because it tends to grow continuously. In addition, this category also does not require high investment. The restaurant operators can rely on the reputation of brand including know-how in their cooking was to develop a business application to frozen food.
Secondly, the bargaining power of...

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