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Secondary Disk Storage Essay

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The invention of the Gutenberg Press lead to the start of the first "information revolution" as the printed word was used to widely disseminate ideas and concepts throughout the world. Structural change caused by how information was controlled and communicated radically changed the social structure of its day. The pace of this information revolution was remarkable, as the number of published books rose from some 30,000 in 1454 AD to over 3,000,000 by 1500 AD [2].In the late 1940's IBM began research and development on a new technology known as the Tape Processing Machine. Their initial intention was to introduce this form of magnetic storage technology on Remington-Rand's UNIVAC I computer. As the computer industry developed over the next ten years, nearly all computers entering the market employed magnetic tape storage devices. By the mid-1960's technology advancements had again provided new forms of storage for the industry. Magnetic disks began replacing tape as the norm for data storage as they provided much faster retrieval of information. In 1966, IBM introduced its' first complete storage system, the RAMAC 305, which stored 5MB of data on 2 foot wide platters. While this was a breakthrough at the time, IBM continued its trend of innovation by developing floppy disks in 1968, and making them commercially available in 1971 [3]. Capacity of these floppy disks increased over the next ten years while they decreased substantially in size and by 1982 the 3.5" floppy disk was common in most all workplaces. In that same year the Bernoulli Storage Drive was created by Iomega, thus beginning the trend toward disk cartridge storage that would last well into the 1990s.The first digital paper to be universally implemented was CD-ROM/CD-Recordable media. In 1979, Sony and Philips defined the CD-Audio standard to allow customer interchange of audio CDs across manufacturers of audio players [2]. The huge success of CD-Audio, coupled with its inherent digital nature, led to a minor modification of the CD-Audio format and to the introduction of the CD-ROM in 1984. The first applications, paralleling paper, were electronic books and magazines that were replicated at a relatively low cost and targeted to vertical markets and consumers [2].The early 1990s saw the introduction of CD-R media and recorders. This media was unlike CD-ROM in that users could write data to it once, producing customized CD-ROM. CD-R recorders, using media to produce CD-ROMs, became available in the marketplace at reasonable costs and have led to significant acceptance of this technology by industry.The years between 1990 and 1995 saw an explosion in the use of CD-ROMs for applications ranging from software delivery and electronic games to educational software. The two key factors driving this growth were the rapid increase in the installed base of CD-ROM readers in personal computers and the exponential increase in the number of titles published on CD-ROMs. In 1995, Sony and Philips...

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