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“Address On Abolishing The Slave Trade”

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The “Address of Abolishing The slave Trade” was a pamphlet, addressed to the National
Assembly, in the year of August, 11, 1789 and created and written by a group called “The
Society of the Friends of the Blacks”. The group consisted of French citizens that lived in France
during the of the French revolution, in Paris France. The main reason for the creation of the
pamphlet was to address the National Assembly, of the the abolishment, of the slave trade.
The pamphlet was written, by every member of the society, under the direction of the creator of
the group called Jacques-Pierre Brissot and consisted a decree or a petition to abolish the trade
of slavery only, but not to abolish slavery altogether in the country of France.

The founder and leader of the “Society of The Friends of The Blacks” was Jacques-Pierre
Brissot, who was a philosopher, legislator, and writer of the 1700 century in Paris France. “The
society Of The Friends of the Blacks, consisted of exactly 141 French members, some were
philosophers and others were noblemen. What they all had in common was they believed, in the
same cause to abolish the trading of the slaves. The society was created in the year of 1788, in
Paris France, the idea was adopted by the same similar beliefs. When Jacques-Pierre Brissot
travelled to the United States, and in Philadelphia he met Thomas Jefferson, and attended “The
Philadelphia Constitutional convention”, during this convention Jacques-Pierre Brissot became
interested and engaged. Later on Jacques-Pierre Brissot travelled to England where he met
Thomas Clarkson, who was also an abolitionist that was the real creator and advocate of “The
Society of the Friends of The Blacks”. While visiting, Jacques-Pierre Brissot, was inspired and
assigned By Thomas Clarkson, to start the same type of movement, in France, and so was the
birth of “The Society of the Friends of The Blacks” society in Paris France, under the leadership
of Jacques-Pierre Brissot and guidance and help from Thomas Clarkson. “The society of The
Friends of The Blacks” main message was the abolishing of the slave trade and to implement
equal rights among the French Black slaves that lived in the French colonies, in France.
In the period between 1788-1793, “The Society of The Friends of the Blacks”, Jacques-Pierre
Brissot, had written pamphlets and wrote speeches, against the abolishment of the trade of
Slavery, with the help of his colleagues and also with the help of his mentors Thomas Clarkson,
ext. The Mémoire sur les Noirs de l'Amerique septentrionale", - “Memories of Blacks in North
America” was one of the many pamphlets that Jacques-Pierre Brissot wrote, and was arrested
for. Jacques-Pierre Brissot and the entire members of his society were humanitarians, and
abolitionists, that served in “The Society of The Friends of The Blacks” from 1788 to 1793.
Oddly during the time that the society existed, no legislations or any real attempt were...


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