Addressing An Organizational Challenge With A Creative Solution

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In this paper I will address a current organizational challenge and propose a resolution infused with creativity. The current organizational challenge I face is the bleak corporate workspace that I arrive to everyday. The company I work for designs and builds luxury backyard retreats, pools and spas. We embrace creativity, as it is part of who we are as an organization. All of our employee’s offices are vibrant and exciting workspaces, except for the upper floor of our corporate building where my desk is located. The floor space is very open, large and empty. The walls are taupe in color and completely bare. There are no decorations, no plants, and no artwork. My desk has a flower and a few family photos, but when I look out at the large room in front of me, the emptiness makes me feel lonely and depressed. Since the offices of the company’s CEO and President are located on this floor, all of our employees cross through this barren space quite often, as well as new clients.
There is no creativity in my workspace. While expressing my thoughts through the morning pages tool from The Artist Way At Work by Mark Bryan, Julia Cameron and Catherine Allen, I have realized the daily negative impact this empty space is causing. The morning pages exercise has allowed me to express my concern and dissatisfaction towards the interior design of my work area. Therefore, to bring resolution to this issue, I will develop a plan in which I use all the creative tools at my disposal to design a workspace that is inviting to all.

The Vision
After implementing my creativity action plan I envision a workspace that feels warm and welcoming to all our organizations employees and clients. The walls of the space will be lined with visual elements that tell the history of our organization. Our organization is proud of being a third generation family owned company and I think this pride and success should be emulated in this space. I envision an area where we highlight our employees and their successes. I see one end of the space being used by our employees to relax and/or collaborate with other employees or clients. It is my goal that when people enter this space they smile and feel an inner tingle of excitement. I foresee an atmosphere that features discovery, encouragement and success.

Action Plan
I will first start ”keeping a design notebook…and begin carrying it with” (Pink, 2006, p. 89) me wherever I go. Next I will start reading design magazines. Daniel Pink (2012) points out that even just skimming through a design magazine “can sharpen and inspire your mind” (Pink, 2006, p. 90). I will tear out images of design features that inspire me. I will keep these images in a folder and start to develop a design layout that includes color and decoration. Since this is an industrial space my next step would be to visit a few design museums that are “devoted to industrial, graphic, interior, and architectural design” (Pink, 2006, p. 94). I will...

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