Addressing Cultural Diversity Using The Enterprise Portal

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AbstractIn this paper, we will discuss the issue of Culture and cultural diversity within the multinational corporation and its effect on the deployment of Enterprise Portal technologies.We will open this topic by discussing more general concepts about Culture how it affects businesses today. We will offer a number of different interpretations of Culture for discussion, highlighting some key phenomena such as the resulting 'global' versus 'local' dilemma faced by many global organisations today; the pressure on the one hand to globalise and on the other to meet local needs.We will focus our discussion of Enterprise Portals is on the deployment of enterprise's Portal. We will then discuss our framework ('Cultural Lens'), which was developed in order to help us visualise the Enterprise Portal, and the six nations analysed through this study through a cultural perspective. The views of the nations are captured from 30 senior managers at enterprise who participated in the data collection process. Cultural differences between nations are highlighted as areas, which may need to be addressed in order to get the vital acceptance of Portal technology globally.AcknowledgementsI would like to express my gratitude to all the people who have offered me their invaluable help during my research and preparation for this dissertation. I would also like to thank all those who participated in the data collection process; this was requested at short notice and your efforts were of great help. In particular, I would like to thank Dr Jean Noel Ezingeard for his guidance and encouragement throughout the writing of this paper. I would also like to thank my family and friends for their unconditional support.TOTAL NUMBER OF WORDS: 15, 342 (all sections less abstract & appendices).Table of ContentsSection PageAbstract 1Acknowledgements 2CHAPTER ONE - INTRODUCTION 71.1 Introduction 71.2 Research Rationale 81.3 Problem Definition 81.4 Aim of this Dissertation 101.5 The Scope of this Dissertation 101.6 Summary of Dissertation Objectives 111.7 Structure of the Dissertation 11CHAPTER TWO - ENTERPRISE PORTALS 132.1 Introduction 132.2 Description of Enterprise Portals 132.3 's Enterprise Portal: enterprise 142.3.1 Definition of Portal Terminology Banner Tab Gadgets Communities 192.4 Are Enterprise Portals Necessary? 192.5 The Effect of the Enterprise Portal on Business 212.6 Development of enterprise Portal 222.7 Summary 24CHAPTER THREE - CULTURE 253.1 Introduction 253.2 What do we Mean by Culture? 253.3 Cultural Issues 303.4 Culture and International Business. 333.5 Summary 34CHAPTER FOUR - A FRAMEWORK TO ANALYSE ENTERPRISEPORTALS THORUGH A CULTURAL LENS 364.1 Introduction 364.2 The Missing Link: Culture and Enterprise Portals. 364.3 Portal Technologies and Local Cultures 404.4 Individualism versus Collectivism 414.5 Communication 444.5.1 Low and High Context 454.5.2 Direct and Indirect 464.5.3 Expressive and Instrumental 464.5.4...

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