Adequacy Of High School English Writing Program. "Explaining A Concept"

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This essay is for elementary english 131. using text book (Axelrod, Cooper) Reading Critically, Writing Well, 6th edition. the task was: EXPLAINING A CONCEPTAdequacy Of High School English Writing ProgramIntroductionMost of the Colleges set standards for students who wish to enter College directly from high school in different fields. Usually a student getting admission in the College or University must meet the level of academic performance and show evidence of the high school preparation.Students have a wide range of writing skill. Many students write extremely well, some well enough to pass university entrance writing examinations as a high school freshman. Other students struggle with writing and need instruction in the fundamentals. Not only for the purpose of passing university entrance writing examinations but the students also need to go through high school English writing programs in order to fulfill the requirements of their studies. (Axelrod & Cooper, p.17)AnalysisThe students of Technical Colleges may also find these courses helpful for them. "Engineering students at the University of Washington take three communication courses. In addition, students complete writing assignments in many of their department courses." (Axelrod & Cooper, p.21)Prospective College students need to develop the ability to read and understand college level material. They have to do more reading and more writing than in high school, and require learning more material in shorter periods of time. Students should be able to analyze what they read, and question themselves about an author's intentions, viewpoint, arguments and...

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