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ADHD is an exceedingly real diagnosis for many children in the United States. Are we over diagnosing our little ones just to keep from dealing with unpleasant behavior? “ On average 1 of every 10 to 15 children in the United States has been diagnosed with the disorder, and 1 in every 20 to 25 uses a stimulant medication” (Mayes, Bagwell, & Erkulwater, 2008). Several believe that virtually all ADHD diagnoses are retractable with appropriate discipline of children instead of being so hasty in medicating them. The material found on the CDC website describes facts about ADHD, it clarifies the signs, symptoms, types, causes, diagnosis tools, and treatment forms of ADHD. What the article neglects ...view middle of the document...

Not once did the CDC article, notify the reader that ADHD comes with much controversy over medicating children. In spite of that, they endorse medicating someone with ADHD. Therefore, the article should have incorporated this information and excluding it, it is bias. To avoid one from regarding them as bias and to retain their credibility the CDC should incorporate every part of the information on the issues discussed.
Next, the pathos, the audience’s reactions, or passions created by the article will now be focused on. Readers of the CDC website will sense that they are receiving useful information about ADHD and there happens to be several portions of beneficial information here. This can produce feelings of certainty in the audiences belief about the information learned. The CDCs article is extremely general in their description of ADHD. The CDC website declares that ADHD triggers someone to be squeamish, fidgety, too talkative, careless, overly active, and forgetful just to name a few.
Doctors have argued that the symptoms used to diagnose ADHD—such as fidgeting, daydreaming, and inability to focus—do not constitute abnormal childhood behavior. However, because these behaviors are considered disruptive or harmful in modern social environments such as classrooms, they have been labeled as abnormal and symptoms of a disorder. (Detroit Gale, 2014)
If the CDC does not want to instigate feelings of alarm in the audience, they need to break away from general descriptions and effectively describe the list of symptoms provided. How would these symptoms become apparent in a child with ADHD? With such a wide list of facts, there are several children taken to the doctor by alarmed parents because of websites such as this one who describe ADHD from such a wide perspective. A multi-layered meaning of ADHD would generate fewer misunderstandings in the audience.
Finally, the logos or the main points made on the CDC website will be...

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