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Adhd And Its Effects On Depressive Behavior

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Attention Defficite/ Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most previlant behavioral disorders affecting American children, with 5% of school age children, and 2-4% of adults being diagnosed. ADHD is diagnosed by consistant dehibilitating behaviors of hyperactivity and inntatention, however it is often misdiagnosed in children who are younger than their class mates, for this reason Xiaolong Peng, Pan Lin, Tongsheng Zhang, and Jue Wang (2013) have been working with a large data set of MRI scans of children diagnosed with ADHD to create an efficiant biological diognostic tool. A diagnostic tool based on five different factors in the brain which are predominant in ADHD patients would also help improve the understanding, prevention and treatment of ADHD. Because the behavior of ADHD patients interfears with every aspect of daily life, from personal relationships to education, this is the reason according to Kathryn L. Humphreys, Shaina J. Katz, Steve S. Lee and Constance Hammen (2013) that ADHD typically precedes the onset of depression. Humphreys looked at different aspects of children with ADHD's lives such as peer problems and parent-child difficulties to determine which was the best predictor for the later onset of depression. This reaserch is very relevant in todays society with 10% of the population affected by depression in their lifetime. The causes of depression are so varied that any predictors should be studied thuroughly. ADHD is a very common predictor for long term depressive behavior in adults. There is substancial evidence that ties these two behaviors together through different stressors durring childhood of children with ADHD. However there is less reaserch to show the biological ties between the two disorders. There are coorilations between the brain areas affecting each disorder, such as the volume of the amygdala, which is involved primarilly with emotion accordign to John P.J. Pinel (2011) which could lead to the emotional disregulation in both ADHD and depression.
In the reaserch done by Peng, Lin, Zhang, and Wang (2013) they used MRI data of 152 subjects including 59 with ADHD and 93 healthy controls. All subjects were between the ages of 9 to 14. They placed all subjects MRI results into a databank and measured the differences between the brains of the healthy controls and the subjects with ADHD. Because it has been documented that ADHD patients have less cortical tissue mass, five different aspects of the cortical tissue were measured, including thickness, surface area, folding, curvature, and volume. Using this set of data they were able to form a model for an algorithm to quickly diagnose people with ADHD using MRI scans. They algorithm that they created had a 90.18% accuracy rate, which is at least four percent better than any other ADHD diagnosing algorithm. They also observed the major brain differences in healthy brains and ADHD patient brains are in the frontal love, temporal lobe, occipital lobe and insular. This...

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