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What affects does marijuana use have in patients that have ADHD?
It is true that many people who have ADHD also abuse substances and they are miss diagnosed and do not get the proper treatment. This is the most common co-occurring disorder and very difficult to diagnose. Although the cause of ADHD is unknown, it is alleged to be a brain-based biological disorder; substance abuse however is a combination of cognitive, behavioral, and physiologic disorder. This combination also makes it difficult to treat because
People with the ADHD condition have problems with control of impulse behaviors, paying attention and some may be found out to be very active. According to recent statistics, it has been unfolded that a lot of people especially those who abuse substances are not given ADHD treatment. It should also be noted that those patients with ADHD are at a higher risk of using illegal substances and drugs and therefore need to be accorded the attention that they require. It is also apparent that people with drug addiction problems are often misdiagnosed and as per this, they are not given the treatment that they truly deserve. As noted by Millichap (2009), poor or improper treatment leads to impulsiveness which makes the people to turn to substances such as cocaine, marijuana and other hard drugs to console themselves. According to a number of these drug users, they confess that the usage of the drugs makes them feel high and better without knowing of the dangers that they are presenting themselves to.
Types of ADHD and Marijuana Use
The case of children having trouble with focusing or behaving at particular stages in their childhood is considered as normal. However, those children with ADHD never grow to get out of these behaviors. The ADHD signs and symptoms are said to persist in them in school, while with friends and at home. Some of the symptoms that have been forwarded by Chandler (2011) include hard time paying attention, daydreaming a lot, forgetfulness, always moving about, one can never seem to settle down, fidgeting, a lot of talking, speaking and acting commonly without thinking first and the people will often tend to interrupt others because they can not take turns easily.
It is asserted that there are three different types of ADHD, of which are defined by the symptoms that are found to be strongest in a person. The first type of ADHD is the predominantly inactive one; this one makes it very hard for the individual to carryout out tasks. Organizing and finishing the tasks is almost impossible due to the person being unable to pay attention, follow instructions or converse easily. A person with this type of ADHD easily forgets simple details and is easily distracted. The second type is referred to as predominantly hyperactive- impulse ADHD. The persons suffering from this type of ADHD are constantly fidgeting and they talk a lot. People with this ADHD can not sit still, for children, they run a lot climb...

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