Adjusting To A New Environment Essay

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Walking alone in downtown in a new city without any friends or family was harsh experience to me especially in the midnight when I arrived at 1.30 M.A. However, the first thing I was thinking to tell my mind that I was not alone in this place to be afraid. Therefore, this kind of technique, which gave me kind of power and endurance, was my first step to encounter many challenges in a new country. For example, when I walked alone in the street, I kept telling myself that I still surrounded by many people even if I did not know them, and we are all humans , so there is no a strange creature . In addition, as I know from my information that I have read in some books, the human brain always ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, my biggest cultural shock was when I saw the police officer tried to stop mad person in street, and the mad person had a knife, and he tried to kill people in the street. Suddenly, the mad person was walking directly to the police officer, and then she shot him. In addition, as a girl who came from a country where the girl’s life constrains by many traditional concepts such as customs and culture was so difficult for me to understand the girl’s life here in the beginning. For instance, my teacher invited me to come over at her home in the weekend, and I saw her daughter with her boyfriend, that was unbelievable in the first time because in my culture if I were her, my family would kill me and my boyfriend. In fact, as a human being, we understand that everything seems different in the beginning, although after a while different thing becomes normal, and this kind of process is from adjustment to our environment.

As I mentioned in the early paragraph, our skills to adjust a new place sometimes do not work for a short time; however, my effective approaches and skills helped me a lot to adapt a new environment quickly. First of all, receiving many different things in one time require many efforts to endure them. Therefore, I became a doctor for myself, and I know that moving to a different place where everything is totally diverse needs a lot of psychological treatment because we are moving to a new environment where everything changes. My first step in treatment was to keep telling myself moving to a new country was my decision to reach my goal in life, and all these variety in a new community would improve...

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