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A change to many different criminal justice agencies has occurred since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, by "beefing-up" certain securities and measures to take when an attack may occur in the future. I think that the one agency that stands out in everyone's mind is the United States airports and the application of tighter security measures. The addition of a tougher screening process along with a heightened security presence, the airports now seem to be a lot safer, but are they? The research is still progressing to one day hopefully eliminate further terrorist plots from happening from our airports.I think that we should probably take a long look at the United States border patrol agencies and see exactly what they are doing to enhance our countries securities. We really only seem to hear how we as a nation are taking measures at airports to stop the threat of terrorism, our borders are just as important to control ...view middle of the document...

Terrorists will always look for the opportunity to "sneak" into the country; even under close supervision we cannot always stop this from happening. I think I would have to agree with Rep. Virgil Goode (I-VA) when he states; "Wherever there is a problem, American soldiers can be relied upon to get the job done -- except here, on America's own borders. Why is that? Every year, our border crisis worsens. First, it was drugs. Then disease. Then, it was illegal aliens, crossing by the hundreds and then by the millions. And now, terrorists are crossing our borders, determined to rain more death and destruction down upon us. If there were ever a time for the United States to put troops on the border, this is it!" ( own troops at the border would be valuable resource to our nation, we would not have to train the troops or spend any money putting them there. Some specialized training would already be in place that the Border Patrol Police use just to submerge the military in day-to-day operations of Border Police. With no extra money spent and very qualified personnel, the borders would be a lot more safe and secure. Mexico more than Canada is the favorable entrance into the United States by the Al Qaeda , it seems that the southern border poses an easier entrance because of lack of guarding. ( we really want a total secure country then our borders should be a primary place to start, by placing military aid as well as Border Police I think our nation would be a lot safer and tougher to gain entrance to. Airports have already placed a military presence in them; we need to do the same with our surrounding borders. Once the presence is known it may detour any terrorists from even trying to gain access to the U.S. With the events of 9/11 our country has grown more aware of terrorist plots and our own weaknesses and strengths, if we had to even put National Guard troops at the border to "free-up" frontline troops then that should be another possibility. In conclusion, things get better after they have been worse, all of us need to be awake and eyes open on this "real" threat and make changes now.WORKS CITED:All information was gathered from the Internet website:

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