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Adjusting To The Policy Of Energy Efficiency: Hybrid Cars

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New technology has been emerging to help the environment. There have been many different inventions created in order to help protect our planet and to help people be more efficient with using energy. A popular invention is hybrid cars. The question is should consumers invest in buying one?
Many people know about hybrid cars, but many people don’t know exactly how they work, therefore they find no interest in investing to buy one. Hybrid cars are extremely different than a gasoline car. Gasoline cars run off only gasoline, which produces more pollution that goes into the air. A gasoline-electric car, which uses both systems of gasoline powered and electric powered cars, emits less pollution into the air (Nice). Many people find it to be an inconvenience to have to charge your car. When using a gasoline car, all one needs to do is go to a gas station and fill up there tank, which takes five minutes. With an electric car one has to charge their car for a long inconvenient time. Having a hybrid car is useful because when using the electric powered engine, one is not emitting out any pollution, and although the car can only go about 50 or 100 miles, the car can than convert to a gasoline based engine without having to wait for the car to charge (Nice). Hybrid cars are also much smaller than gasoline cars. The larger the car the more cylinders it has. Having more cylinders in a car requires the car to hold more fuel in order to run smoothly, which is more money a consumer must spend.
Many people wonder how exactly this can improve the fuel economy. Besides the fact that hybrid cars are smaller and don’t need fuel to work, there are many other fuel efficient factors that make hybrid cars better for the economy. One example is when you push the brakes driving a gasoline based car; you are converting that energy into heat. With a hybrid car, the car takes that heat energy and stores it into the battery (Ajava). Hybrid cars are built with a smaller body for a reason. Due to aerodynamic drag, (which is the work the engine does pushing through the air) the body of the car is smaller, which doesn’t make the engine work as hard to move (Ajava). The tires of hybrid cars are designed to create less of a drag on the road, making a smoother and more fuel efficient ride (Nice).
When purchasing a hybrid car, there are two different types of hybrids. One is a parallel hybrid, and the other is a series hybrid. A parallel hybrid’s fuel tank and gasoline engine are connected to the transmission. In the parallel hybrid the electric motor and gasoline engine adds more force power. The difference with a series hybrid is the engine is not connected to the drive train of the car. The engine in a series hybrid doesn’t turn the wheels when one pushes on the gas; instead it stores energy into the batteries which the electric motor uses (Ajava).
Although there are many advantages in purchasing a hybrid car, many people can also find hybrid cars to be more dangerous. With...

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