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Admin Questions Essay

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My personal faith walk has had its ups and downs. I accepted Christ into my life in the second grade after hearing the watermelon story. However, from the second grade to the beginning of ninth grade I felt that my relationship was growing distance from where I wanted it to be, so I rededicated my life to Christ. After that I joined a Leadership Training program at our local Christian Ministry center. That program helped me by encouraging me to memorize Scripture, reading the Bible every day, and the value of prayer. I keep my personal faith walk strong by reading the Bible every day and viewing my work as worship to Christ because of the passage in Matthew that reads “they will know that ...view middle of the document...

Also, I would ask what God was doing in their lives while they were in their sessions and many individuals were very pleased with that because I was inquiring into the fun and spiritual aspects of their visit.
4. My experiences have prepared to be an admissions associate because I have been involved in the retail and guest service industry. As a camp counselor, kitchen server, and kitchen manager, I was involved with various age groups and explaining to them how the local camp worked and the various areas that are associated with the camp. I would also share with them information that was helpful and information that was fun in nature. Second, when I was working at McDonalds, I was involved in the service side of the job and I was taking orders, collecting money, and presenting food to the customers. While I was doing this I tried to make the guest’s experience a pleasant one and they would remember how well they were served.
5. I want to be an Admissions Associate because we are the ones that will be able to connect with prospective students....

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