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Table of contents.1. Introduction.1.1 About this report.1.2 Background on the company.2. Overview of the company and its business operations.2.1 Organizational structure.2.2 Company's products.2.3 Business operations.3. Analysis of company's problems.3.1 Management Problem.3.2 Organizational.3.3 Order processing.3.4 Administration.3.5 Technology.4. Solution to problems.4.1 Management Plan.4.2 Costs and Benefits.4.3 Major Changes in Business Processes.4.4 Steps Managers Should Take to Handle the Conversion.4.5 Quality Assurance Measures.4.6 Identification of major new technology changes.5. Impact of the changes.5.1 On the Organization and management.5.2 On the human resources.5.3 The risks and benefits of the changes.6. Conclusion.7. Appendix.8. Bibliography.1. Introduction.1.1 About this report.In this report you shall find an in depth analysis of the problems that the company Healthlite is experiencing at the moment. After the analysis has been covered there will be an introduction to the steps that the company has to take to solve the problems, after that you shall read the impact of the changes on the company and its business process.1.2 Background on the companyHealthlite Yogurt Company is an U.S. market leader in the yogurt and other related health products in that industry. Healthlite has corporate headquarters in Danbury, Connecticut and has several production plants in different states in the U.S.A.Healthlite sales have tripled during the past five years, however new local competitors are challenging the company to take extreme measures to stay in the market, thus changing its operating activities.2. Overview of the company and its business operations.2.1 Organizational Structure.Healthlite has corporate headquarters in Danbury, Connecticut. All production takes place in processing plants that are located in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, and California.At the corporate headquarters, Healthlite has a central mainframe computer system that maintains most of the major business databases. Each production plant has a minicomputer system, which is connected to the mainframe, from which it receives customer orders and any other relevant information. Once processed centrally, order data are then fed to the appropriate local processing plant minicomputer.Healthlite has 20 sales regions, each with 30 sales representatives and a regional sales manager. Healthlite has a 12-person marketing group at corporate headquarters. Each salesperson is able to store and retrieve data for assigned customer accounts using a terminal in the regional office linked to the corporate mainframe. Reports for individual salespeople (printouts of orders, rejection notices, customer account inquiries, etc.) and for sales offices are printed in the regional offices and mailed to them.However some times the only way to obtain up-to-date sales data is for managers to make telephone calls to subordinates and then piece the information...

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