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Admissibility Of Dna Test, Brain Mapping, And Narco Analysis

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The word Narco-Analysis is derived from the Greek word narkç which means anesthesia. The narco analysis test is performed by commixing 3 grams of Sodium Pentothal or Sodium Amytal dissolved in 3000 ml of distilled water. Narco Test refers to the practice of administering Pentothal Sodium, to lower a person’s self- consciousness, in the hope that the person will more liberatingly share information and feelings. A person is able to lie by utilizing his imagination. In the narco Analysis Test, the person's self- consciousness is lowered by interfering with his nervous system at the molecular level. In this state, it becomes arduous though not infeasible for him to ...view middle of the document...

The statement made during this stage are recorded both in video and audio cassettes.
Other than narco test there are withal other two kinds of tests which are popularly utilized on the convict for taking out truth, these are-

1) P300 or brain mapping test
In “Brain-wave finger printing” method, the incriminated is first interviewed and interrogated to ascertain whether he is concealing any information. Then sensors are annexed to the person’s head and the person is seated afore a computer monitor. He is then shown certain images or made to aurally perceive certain sounds. The sensors monitor electrical activity in the brain and register P300 waves, which are engendered only if the person has connection with the stimulus i.e. picture or sound. The person is not asked any questions. Memory and Encoding Related Multifaceted Electro Encephalographic Response is initiated in the inculpated when his brain apperceives eminent information pertaining to the crime. Information from the crime scene which is stored in the brain matches with the information of Brain finger printing test. Studies have shown that an innocent suspect’s brain would not have stored or recorded certain information, which an authentic perpetrator’s brain would have stored.

2) Polygraph or lie detection test
Polygraph test is predicated on a posit that there is an interaction between the mind and body and is conducted by sundry components or the sensors of a polygraph machine, which are annexed to the body of the person who is interrogated by the expert. The blood pressure, pulse rate and respiration and muscle movement is recorded by the machine. Polygraph test is divided in three stages- a pretest interview, chart recording, and diagnosis. a set of test questions is prepared by The examiner depending upon the relevant information about the case provided by the investigating officer, such as the criminal charges against the person and verbalizations made by the suspect. The person is queried and the reactions are quantified. Investigators make a baseline by asking questions whose answers they investigators know. Categorical, perceptible physiological and behavioral changes and the sensors and a wave pattern in the graph expose the lie of a suspect. Deviation from the baseline is taken as a designation of lie. All these reactions are corroborated with other evidence amassed.

View of Indian judiciary on the admissibility and constitutional validity of the naro analysis test, brain mapping, and polygraph test
According to Article 20(3) of Indian constitution, No person accused of any offence shall be compelled to be a witness against himself . The application of narco analysis test involves the fundamental question related to judicial matters and withal to Human Rights. The licit position of applying this technique as an investigative avail raises genuine issues like infringement of an individual’s rights, liberties, and liberation. Subjecting the incriminated to...

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