Admissions Essay To Become An Audiologist At Usf

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“Music is perpetual, and only the hearing is intermittent,” wrote the iconic American essayist, poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau, a lofty proclamation that inspired my focus to help those with hearing loss through restoration. After a winding journey in search for an academic focus, I discovered that audiology is far more than just aiding deaf or hard of hearing individuals, but restoring balance, managing loss through therapy, and discovering new research techniques that may involve auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder. After arriving at my destination, I also learned that it is my responsibility as a future audiologist to be a leader, to work hard toward achieving a better future for myself, and a better world for humanity at large. This vision drives my aspiration to join the University of South Florida’s graduate audiology program this coming fall, and continue my examination of clinical audiology as a member of your community.
Although a handful of individuals were born knowing what they want to do in life, the vast majority spends a considerable segment of their life searching for that one perfect career they’re passionate about. Luckily, I am part of the latter group, and thus dedicated most of my adolescence and adulthood experimenting, engaging, and attempting different avenues toward discovering my labor of love. Indeed, every course I participated in provided me with a distinct skill-set or talent, while my journey helped shape me into a more consummate and multi-dimensional individual. However, the first avenue I explored was American Sign Language Interpreting, an expressive visual language that forced me to think innovatively and shape a multicultural perspective. Although the language as a whole fascinates me, interpreting lacked the intellectual challenge I consider vital. The second avenue I explored was Communication Sciences and Disorders, a dynamic realm in which I yearned for more knowledge, science, and new advances. The third avenue I explored and continue to explore is Auditory-Verbal Therapy, a parent guidance therapy process that elicits listening and spoken language. Although I am enthralled by the nature of Auditory-Verbal Therapy, I found myself wanting to acquire further knowledge by pursuing a degree in...

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