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Admissions Essay: Why Ob/Gyn?

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Admissions Essay: Why Ob/Gyn?


I'm having trouble coming up with that concise, compelling anecdote about the patient who inspired me to go into Obstetrics and Gynecology, because so many people have helped me realize that this is where I belong.


There are the women whose babies I've delivered, whom I've gotten to know at a clinic visit or during the early contractions of active labor, and then coached through the calm between pushes in the last few minutes before delivery. There are the teenagers at their first Gyn exam, nervously kicking the end of the table as we talk about safer sex, the benefits of the pill and just what a speculum actually is. And there are the patients who are very, very sick - the 44-year-old with metastatic ovarian cancer, whose family was deciding when to enroll her in hospice, or the 24-year-old with an FDIU at 36 weeks, whose occult abruption ultimately required a caesarian-hysterectomy.


I have chosen Obstetrics and Gynecology because, for me, it embodies the best of every field of medicine, from menarche to senility and from preventive care to radical reconstructive surgery. My months on general surgery were impressive, spanning everything from evaluation of routine inguinal hernias to the intricacies of Whipple reconstructions, but Obstetrics and Gynecology enthralled me. It was one thing to tease out a diseased pancreas, but quite another to extract a viable infant and then provide a lifetime of follow-up care for the mother. I look forward to providing my patients with definitive treatment of surgical and medical problems and then following their primary care for decades to come.


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