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Adolescence Essay

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“I don’t know what to do,” he brooded, planting his forehead into a mound of notes. “I really should concentrate on studying for that super important biology test that my life depends on. My parents would kill me if they found me slacking off.” His head rose. “But that girl across the hall,” he mused, mind racing back to that little, special moment when her sweet gaze met his, “she was . . . and I . . . oh, what do—” Startled, he came to his earbuds blaring awful noises, and yanked them out instantly. “How do they even call this music?” he shouted angrily. Fumbling through his iPod, it was lined with only the latest and greatest songs that his friends worshipped, songs he hated. He moaned, ...view middle of the document...

As a result, the rich labored to prove their intelligence, clashing against other rich, while the poor, accepting their lowly place on the classroom ladder, were scorned. Similarly, schools venerate achievement by adulation as well. Pioneer Middle School, for instance, holds monthly assemblies that revere the top student in every classroom. As the chosen stand affront a sea of students, the massive waves of adoration and elation overwhelm them. Jimmy, and other such children, stepped up on that stage with pure ecstasy in his beaming grin. But afterward, to retain his status, he despairs when failing to quickly grasp a concept and feels seething anger when scoring ninety-nine percent instead of the hundred on a test. This story is mirrored in many other young students, because schools encourage a vigorous struggle to improve intelligence. Despite the minor impact of middle school academics on the future, these students are pushed to wildly stress over school, producing cruel swings of merriment to misery to all of these children’s lives.
Additionally, parents put an even greater emphasis on education, impelling their children to succeed. For most parents, the letter grade is the sole, objective view into their child’s life. For example, typically children will assert their success in school, regardless of the truth. The parent, however, cannot reliably discern the truth from speech and, therefore, the report card becomes the supreme truth. In fact, since the letter grade is the only indicator of success, it is of obscene importance to these parents. As transform from mere letters into receipts, exchangeable for love and extra funds. Bs reduce to sighs of indifference. Cs, or anything below, become a signature for a death warrant. Accordingly, these proofs of excellence become extremely important to the children as well, as their parents directly affect them. There was a conversation between two friends: Ellie was overjoyed; she had received a brand new laptop from her parents since her report card was adorned entirely of As. She exclaimed, “I’ve never seen my parents happier!” Jimmy expressed his resentment, groaning, “My parents took away my phone, my computer; they might as well have taken my life too.” His card was desecrated with Cs, Ds, and Fs. This same conversation echoes among the whole of middle school students, because parents influence their children, financially in this case, based on grades. Parents can dictate all other areas of their child’s life, normally granting or restricting social time and various items, deciding the food which goes on the table, and more. Thus, in order to both appease their parents and avoid harsh punishment, these children toil arduously to plate their report cards with As. Specifically, some are so stressed about their scandalous report card that they feel compelled to dispose of the evidence. These actions taken by children demonstrate the caliber of stress that parents exert, driving their children to...

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