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Adolescence Sexual Development Essay

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Life is full of changes and in the period of the adolescence the changes start to develop what a person will be in the adultness. Many factors are matured in the teenage years as an example, one of them is sexuality. Sexuality can be a very important variable in the life of an adolescent, because in this life period the sexual identity is defined. There are three strong circumstances that can define the sexual identity of an adolescent: The biological characteristic, love and pornography.
The biological characteristics are an important fact on the development of sexual identity, a more accurate definition for biological characteristics can be sex, according to the Oxford dictionary sex means: “Either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.” (“Sex,” 2013) The sex definition is connected to the idea of the genital organs that define us as males or females. Therefore the sex is one of the main sexuality boosters, because the male is form by testosterone and estrogen the levels of testosterone are higher than the levels of estrogen and that cause in the male most violent and masculine traits. On the other hand, the girls have more estrogen levels than testosterone, because the estrogen is the one that generates de corporal development on the women (Gwartney, 2013).
A good example to explain better the theory of the biological characteristics is the case of Dr. Money and the boy with no penis, an experiment against the biological rules; this is a case of the BBC and also a documentary, because it causes a lot of controversy. In the year 1965 when the twins Brian and Bruce Reimer were sent to the local hospital for a routine circumcision, something went wrong with the hospital electric equipment and during the procedure the doctor in charge accidentally burn Bruce’s penis, the family couldn’t do nothing, in the 60’ the plastic surgeries weren’t that good and for a newborn it could be dangerous that kind of interventions. The family found the solution in a psychiatrist, Dr. Money, he suggests the idea of turning Bruce into a girl, because is theory was that sexuality is formed by society and since that day Bruce turned into Brenda. At the age of 13, the average age of adolescence according to de World Health Organization (WHO), Brenda started feeling uncomfortable, different and her family decided to tell her the truth, when they told her about her past she or he actually feel relief, Brenda always felt like a boy and immediately change her name to David. (BBC, 2010) The adolescence is a period of physical changes and some changes like biological characteristics can affect our sexuality directly like in the Reimer case.
But the sex is not the only influence that an adolescent have to choose a sexual identity, the society influence a lot in the life of a teenager, because he have to accept a posture that define his sexual orientation and prove...

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