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Adolescent Case Study

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Adolescent Case Study

I. Identification

     A. Kathy Johnson is a 14 year old female, a freshman at Parkway High      
School, and resides at 789 Parkview Way, Bossier City, LA 70000.

II. History of Family

     A. The subject lives with her biological mother and stepfather. The
child's biological father resides in Bossier City as well, but he has not
maintained a relationship with the child since he divorced her mother in 1981.
The child also has a brother who lives out of state and has no relationship
or contact with him either.

     B. The subject comes from an upper middle class family. Her stepfather
is a high school graduate and owns his own construction business. Her mother is
a homemaker and quit school during her sophomore year.

     C.     The subject and her family live in Southern Gardens, a small
subdivision in Bossier City. The family, for the most part, keeps to themselves and
does     not have any close, personal associations. The few associates they have
are business colleagues and people from their church groups.

     D.     The stepfather is a relatively healthy male, approximately 6'1"
tall, dark brown hair, brown eyes, weighs around 200 pounds and has no known physical
illness. The mother is 5'4" tall, blonde hair, brown eyes and has
noticeable symptoms of depression and a significant drinking problem. Presently
she is in good overall physical health.

     E.     Most of the family's interest revolves around the subject's
athletic activities such as baseball and church related activities such as Sunday
services and youth centered groups.

     F.     The family attends a full gospel, nondenominational church on a
regular basis. Their political views are primarily democratic.

     G.     The family is of Italian descent and somewhat antisocial. They
rarely see anyone on a personal basis and have no close personal friends.

III. History of the Case

     A.     The subject is approximately 5'5" tall, long dark brown hair,
brown eyes and is somewhat overweight, weighing in at 165 pounds. However,
she is very athletic and is routinely involved in softball and basketball. She
plays softball during the summer for her church league and has won numerous
trophies. During the school year, she also plays basketball for her church
basketball team. She diligently attends every practice and never misses a game
in either sport. Although her physician states that she is in good general
health, she regularly complains of stomach pain and lethargy.

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