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I would say that I found the microteaching activity as an interesting activity, which I am highly grateful for participating in, as it showed my weaknesses in my teaching process. I believe that I prepared enough for the activity, but the information that I prepared was just too much. I did not plan to say everything I had prepared, but I did have a plan that would cover a portion of it and then have a fast forward kind of approach to the majority of the presentation. I would then press play so to say and begin lecturing over the topic in the final part of the presentation. As I was standing up there, it seemed as if time flew by and that made it difficult for me to do what I had planned. ...view middle of the document...

While at my job, at Lee Academy, I do not become nervous when I speak in front of 20-30 students, so the only rationale I have for becoming nervous in front of my college peers is that when it comes to speaking to them in an intellectual sense, I become nervous.
For the most part, I believe the feedback I received was slightly bloated, as I know my performance did not merit a five. As I looked over the feedback sheets I noticed quite a few fives, so I would question that. One comment however, which I hate to disagree with another person’s opinion on a graded matter, but I disagree with the one person that gave me a one on the review aspect of the backwards lesson plan. The one portion of the likert scale reads that the component is not observed; yet it is needed. If my memory serves me correctly, I stated that the essential question being discussed at the end of the lesson plan would need to intertwine reviewing the material for a learner to answer the essential question of how where someone lives in China, affects how they live. I assume however, that when stating this information, I was not clear and that caused confusion.
At the end of my presentation, the last ten or so slides were to be served as an introduction to lesson plans that would be coming in subsequent classes. After I finished, I realized that I was not clear enough in that aspect. A percentage of my peers thought I was planning to cover these topics extensively during the lesson plan. However, that was not my idea. I planned on introducing the topics, so the learners will have a basic understanding of the topic and then in subsequent classes, case studies would be looked at, so the students could visualize the larger picture of the key events in China. For example, the East Turkestan movement was meant to be an introduction to the issue and in a later class, in the overall unit on China, the class would look at the issue much closer than the brief introduction that I was supposed to give in the class.
If I were to participate in this activity again, I would change quite a few aspects of what I did to create a better presentation. While constructing my lesson plan, I believed that it would be a more applicable idea to take a small topic, than to fast-forward through a presentation. I found the fast-forward approach to be the wrong move, since it obliged my overall lesson plan to be forced into making little to no sense overall. If I were to do this again, with the allotted time of fifteen minutes, I would just pick a minor topic that would take approximately 5-8 minutes to explain thoroughly. My presentation was unclear and sloppy by implementing the fast-forward approach, while participating in the microteaching activity. I can envision that creating a smaller topic would be a better choice, since the presentation I created could be used for a whole block period of 75 minutes, but in the microteaching activity, it would be insufficient to only present a portions of it....

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