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Adolescent Sexuality Essay

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During adolescents, ages of 12-19, sexuality plays a significant part in development. There is much research and data about the biological features that takes place and recently more psychological impacts are being studied. According to a Cutrona and Troutman (1977), 70 to 75 percent of adolescent boys and 50-60 percent of girls have reported to having sexual intercourse by the time their high school careers have ended.

How does communication affect adolescent sexuality?
A study conducted by Cornell University finds that if parents maintain a positive relationship after adolescent first sexual activity is discussed, it will reduce risks associated with sex. The authors studied changes in ...view middle of the document...

L., & Bonati, F. A., 1999). This can assume that participating in more activities as a family may be related to fewer risk-taking behaviors, including unprotected sex, through the increased communication and feelings of closeness that “bonding time” establishes.
Risky behavior and Sexual Initiation
Sexual initiation seems to be an important part of overall risky behavior because on study shows that approximately one fifth of pregnancies occur within the first month of the sexual intercourse and that about half of all pubescent pregnancies occur within the first 6 months after the adolescent becomes sexually active (Zabin LS, Kanter JF, Zelnik M ,1979). This dramatic statistic is reported to be due to the lack of contraceptive and condom use. Concluding that since lack of protection during sexual intercourse is not a one-time thing and again placing importance that adolescents should be aware of the importance of contraceptives.

Does a two-parent or single parent household effect sexual initiation?
According to Flewelling and Bauman, there is evidence to suggest that adolescents who aren’t living with their biological parents are more likely to begin engaging in sexual intercourse at a younger age than average compared to those living with their both parents (Flewelling & Bauman, 1990). Newcomer and Udry (1987) tried to see whether it was the disturbance effect of going from a two-parent to a one-parent household during marital separation or divorce, or whether it was the state of living in a single-parent house hold which seemed to have an effect on their child’s earlier than average sexual initiation. Their study determined that teenage boys were more likely to lose their virginity early due to the distress consequence of going from a two-parent family to a one-parent family during the separation. The girls were more likely to initiate in sexual intercourse relatively early compared to those who come from a two-parent household, is the experience of living in a single mother household (Newcomer & Udry, 1987). This study proposes the idea that a lack of father for females might be the reason for early sexual activity.
Although living in an intact two-parent family has been shown...

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