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Adolescent Sexuality Through The Generations Essay

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“During adolescence and emerging adulthood, the lives of adolescents are wrapped in sexuality. Adolescence and emerging adulthood are time frames when individuals engage in sexual exploration and incorporate sexuality into their identity” (Santrock). Adolescence is a trying time of life. With so many changes occurring within the mind and body, adolescents are curious and have an insatiable curiosity, about life and sexuality. “Adolescents often wonder if they are attractive, how to behave sexually and what the future holds for their sexual lives” (Santrock). The purpose of this qualitative research study is to discover the truth of adolescents and sexuality through three generations of women. This research study will travel through generations and find common thread among the subjects interviewed for this purpose. In this study the norm will be addressed, as well as the thoughts, ambitions and outcomes as it relates to sexuality.
In order to truly analyze the adolescent mind, we must first understand their attitude, behavior and norms in regards to sexuality. With influences like peer pressure and the media, how to adolescents know which way to go? How do they make the right decisions? Ultimately, what is considered the “right” decision?
Literature Review
“Although sexuality is widely viewed as a key component of adolescence, it is nevertheless approached with ambivalence and trepidation. American popular discourse regarding adolescent sexuality is dominated by debates about whether it is morally, psychologically, and physically advisable for youth to be sexually active (and with whom and in what ways)” (Bay-Cheng, Robinson & Zucker, 2009). In all aspects, adolescent sexuality can be a huge controversy. According to Vrangalova & Savin-Williams (2011), adolescent sexual activity in contemporary Western societies has been primarily discussed as a developmental risk factor, linked to a host of negative health and adjustment outcomes; therefore, it should be delayed as long as possible. Sexual curiosity and exploration recognized normative and healthy processes during adolescence years. Across the world, adolescents are dealing with the same issues, as sexuality has become an important social and medical topic. “ In a bid to discover and embrace who they truly are, questions such as "what is sex?" and "who am I as a sexual being?" plague the minds of young women and men as they struggle through the years between childhood and adulthood (Long, 2010). Adolescent women's feelings of sexual desire and wanting are complicated, censored, or violated by gendered norms and practices. Research has explored the conditions that can foster or impede young women's sexual desire and agency as well as their experiences of ambivalence and coercion (Bay-Cheng, Robinson & Zucker, 2009).
What remains to be learned about adolescent sexual interactions, aside from the sexual behaviors and relational contexts in which they are embedded, is how youth feel...

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