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Running Head: Adolescent Suicide: A Growing Issue 1Running Head: Adolescent Suicide: A Growing Issue 7Adolescent Suicide: A Growing IssueAdolescent SuicideDestiny Marie JohnsonGeneral Psychology 20124 March 2014AbstractThe topic of my paper is to investigate adolescent suicide, its causes, "target" demography, preventable measures, and possibility of universal traits of the above; specifically, if these traits are applicable to humanity in general and not to just one city, state, country, or landmass. Questions to be answered are: What causes suicide? Are there reasons/origins of these causes? Is suicide particular to one race, status, or gender? Has the rate of suicide gone up or down in recent years? Is suicide preventable? Can any or all of these variables be successfully applied to people of every nation? Specifically, the data collected points to a simple vicious cycle. Numerous possible stressors introduced to an individual causes negative attitude/ mental health. This negative mental health then causes negative thoughts and views of self/world. This then causes noticeable negative behavior. This negative behavior is either ignored, causing a sense of isolation, or punished; a given negative stimuli for a negative stimuli. This fact causes even further damage to the psyche and increase chances of extreme stress. This then causes mental disease, which often leads to depression or depressive symptoms. This then leads to suicide contemplation, and acts of self-harm. Given time without intervention, coupled with a negative behavior stimuli cycle, this has a high chance of leading to suicidal action.The Psychology of Adolescent SuicideAdolescence is a time of discovery and growth. The full faculties of an individual's mind and body are finally beginning to show themselves. The individual is (most likely) in high school studying hard and getting good grades, making friends and memories along the way. In this setting people pick up traits and talents that help them form who they are and at the same time it forms the ideal "self". The self that we wish we could be; a self that is lacking the obvious flaws and shortcomings that anyone may have experienced in life. Most people are able to struggle on with their flaws; they continuously persevere in the face of uncertainty and difficulty. People are able to do this from overwhelming support and acceptance from friends, family, and community leaders. However, what if an individual was unsheltered from these things? If, say, a high school student who was never that good at making friends is very quiet, timid, and is bullied repeatedly, then this would pose a serious health risk to the individual. Without support and outright love from other people it is very difficult for any of us to combat the daily struggles that we all face and come out on top. This is especially true for individuals going through adolescence. Take Bart Palosz for example, who in August 2013 fatally shot himself on the first day of...

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